The Chemo Diet

The Chemo Diet

I wouldn't recommend it but if you are looking to lose a bit of weight quickly it definitely works. Of course when I manage a glass of water it will no doubt all go back on.

Not the best couple of days. I'd been warned that the effects of chemo may be cumulative but as this didn't particularly seem to be the case during the first round I'd hoped it wouldn't be the case this time. Not unbearable by any stretch but for the last 48 hours the feeling of nausea, to varying degrees, has never left me. I've been sick 'only' four times and although I feel 'gentle' this morning I'm hoping the worst is over. I'm lucky though, I have Simon rushing around me being amazing as usual and I am free to lounge around. The children have had a great time at various sleepovers and play dates - thank you so much everyone. It makes all the difference a. knowing they are happy and b. not having to put a brave face on for them.

The backache and headache from the immune injection I had on Tuesday night appeared, but I'd say less so than last time.

My only other symptom is my arm. The arm in which the chemo was given is still incredibly painful. Not at the point of entry as you may imagine but up my whole arm. It's bearable on a pain level but disconcerting. Burnt veins? I don't know exactly but pure poison rushing in seems to have left a mark. Makes sense I suppose.

Now my Ca125 is 5 (ironically probably lower than most of you reading this) it seems so weird that I'm only half way with my treatment - the thought that I will continue to be poisoned at this rate is difficult to get my head around. No getting let off for good behaviour in this game it seems.

That's it for now - I just thought I'd quickly let you know how the last couple of days have been - I'd say 'grey clouds with patches of rain but with occasional bursts of sunshine and warmer weather ahead'.

Love for now


Two hours later: still sick after all - nice one chemo