ovarian cancer

A new study found that more women are concerned about the way they look than their gynaecological health.
Fewer than one in five women would book an urgent GP appointment if they experience it.
Sunita Thind contracted Covid-19 after surgery to remove her second ovary. But she still hopes to have a baby with her frozen eggs.
Nearly 7,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer in England each year, but treatment paths vary depending on where you live.
Though Vicki’s approach to dying was far from ordinary, I vowed not to rest until we had spread the word about the terrible disease, and made her death make a difference.
"Olaparib is already used for ovarian cancer but is expected to have the greatest benefit when used early."
There is no best approach for supporting someone with cancer, but if I've learned anything, it's not to call people like my mum 'brave'
HuffPost UK spoke to women who waited more than two years for a diagnosis.