15/02/2013 12:16 GMT | Updated 17/04/2013 06:12 BST

How to Lose Ten Pounds Through Your Clothes

Wouldn't it be fantastic to look 10lbs lighter immediately? This is actually possible without going on some crazy starvation diet or spending hours in the sauna!

Looking slimmer can be as simple as changing what you wear. AND it's not just about wearing Spanx (although that can definitely help!) So let's talk about underwear first. A well fitting, smooth bra is absolutely essential to creating a slim line look. We all know that the majority of women are wearing the wrong bra size - don't let yourself be one of them! Go for a fitting in a specialist bra shop (especially if you're over a D cup size) and surprise yourself!

It your bra is unsupportive your boobs can hang down low at the front - it's amazing how many of my clients have discovered that they have a waist once we have tightened the shoulder straps of their bra! If your cup size is too small you will be "oozing" out over the top and creating 2 or 3 breasts - not a great look and definitely not slimming! Spanx type underwear can be fantastic for targeting problem areas but they're not always the most comfortable garments. However if you're wearing a dress or tunic the hold-in petticoats are brilliant for smoothing out any lumps or bumps, allowing you to slip into that dress with ease.

Use colour to slim you down

Another way to lose 10lbs instantly is to look at your colour combinations - wearing one colour or the same depth of colour from head to toe will have an elongating effect, as the observer's eye will not be drawn to where the colour changes on your body. So if you're not happy with your waist or stomach area, avoid contrasting belts or big buckles; if you have a pear shaped body ensure that your coloured top doesn't finish at the widest point of your thighs.

Light colours, bright colours &/or bold prints should also be avoided in your wider areas, because they will draw attention to this part of your body. Therefore wear dark colours where you are widest. If you have big hips, thighs or bottom wear dark trousers or skirts and if you have a large bust or broad shoulders try darker shades on top.

BUTremember black is not the only slimming colour! Any dark colour can be slimming and black can be very severe on many people so look at grey, navy, brown or burgundy as softer alternatives.

Fit is Everything

Lastly, ensure that your garments fit properly. If they are too big and loose they can make you look huge. Again many of my clients who've lost weight find it difficult to buy the right size because they're not used to showing off their figure. Equally you should avoid clothes that are too tight, because squeezing into something that shows off all your lumps and bumps will never be flattering!

So to look 10lbs lighter instantly:

  • Wear the correct underwear (this includes knickers as well - avoid the dreaded VPL).
  • Wear the same colour (or depth of colour) from top to toe.
  • Wear a darker colour to disguise any "problem" areas.
  • Wear clothes that are the right size - remember "skim not cling!"