Making Time For Baby Bonding During The Busy Christmas Period

04/01/2017 15:28 GMT | Updated 05/01/2018 10:12 GMT

As everyone experiences, Christmas can be a hectic time of year especially for busy parents. It is also a time for connection, gratitude for what we have and a great opportunity to spend precious time with the special little people in our lives. Creating quality time with your baby can be tricky but there are simple and easy ways to build those precious bonding moments into your Christmas holiday.

It only takes a few moments to connect with your baby so changing time with your baby can be a great time to do this and communicate how much you love him/her. If you make changing time relaxing, your baby will be more relaxed and you can use these moments to talk to your baby, sing and have fun. Babies love simple things and above all, they love being with their mummy or daddy. You are their world and your baby's first teacher.

When you have the time, use changing as an opportunity to bond with your baby from when your baby is 8 weeks old. With your little one lying down comfortably, gently massage their feet slowly with organic vegetable based oil. Touch communicates love, trust and security, enabling you to clean and change your baby in a more relaxed way. Using a wipe such as HUGGIES® Newborn to cleanse allows you to have lots of skin-on-skin contact with your little one and ensures kindness to even the most sensitive skin.

Capitalise on the fact you're not rushing around and enjoy the moment with your baby. Sing, smile and use touch as a way to reassure your baby and teach them that the world is a loving place. Changing a baby doesn't have to be functional and something you rush through, it can be really fun and a time to talk and share.

If you have an older baby, nappy changing can become trickier! What I used to do with my children is have a little song that I sang at change time so they knew it was coming.I would also have a little rhyme I would say as I was changing and I would also give a tummy massage to help digestion and because touch and connection can express so much. You can also take the opportunity to do some baby yoga to aid relaxation, help digestion and release tension.

Incorporating massage at change time for colicky babies is also a great idea as you can support the movement of wind through the bowel which may help with tummy pains. You can do these movements over clothes at change time and it may stop the build of wind throughout the day to help manage any discomfort. It's something simple and practical you can do to help your baby and to make you feel you are supporting him/her.

Massage with your baby is also great for you. It can help to release "feel good" hormones in your body. When you massage, hug, cuddle or have skin to skin with your baby a hormone called "Oxytocin" is produced which helps to promote feelings of love and can help the body relax. If you are feeling stressed, negativity or disconnected towards your baby, massage can help to produce these hormones and adjust your mood. It's why cuddles can make us feel better; oxytocin comes to the rescue and can help you feel more relaxed. Studies have also shown it can be useful in helping enhance a sense of bonding with your baby.

Remember that touch is the most developed sense at birth and is way to communicate how much you love your baby at any time.

By Gayle Berry - baby bonding expert for Huggies Wipes