05/11/2016 06:33 GMT | Updated 06/11/2017 05:12 GMT

The Reason I Am Joining The Million Mask March Today

On November the 5th in thousands of cities around the word marches organised by anonymous will be taking place. It is like no other protest as the people protesting either side of you could be protesting a different issue to you, however we all share the collective idea that something is very wrong with society today and our current system is failing. In our country alone millions live below the poverty line and out in the streets. Our government is not run for the people, it's run for the 1% and for profit, we are like livestock, work until we die and get given puppet 1,2 or 3 to choose between so we have the illusion of choice. The government does not reflect the main views of the people. Which ironically is what capitalism is supposed to be about. Some people might say the system is working fine, yeah if you are high up in a company such as exxon and have just turned over profits of billions then yeah its gong well for you, but if you are an activist worried about the environmental issues of drilling in the arctic fracking, or if you are one of the many people living homeless in the streets then things ain't going so well. Our government lies to us about most things; if you go onto wiki leaks and read some of the classified files our anonymous hacktivists have dug up your eyes will start to open. It's not really until you take a step back that you realise just how controlled we are, the government decides what age we can do certain things with our own bodies and what substances we can put into our bodies. We are all slaves to the system. Our country is run and controlled by the 1%, 4% are sell-out puppets, 90% of the population is asleep and has no idea what is going on. We are the 5% who have woken up and realised the lie we live. On the 5th of November thousands of anonymous marches will be taking place in every major city across the globe. Every year we put a lot of effort and resources into trying to wake up the population and make them realise what is going on. We are growing in numbers every year.

I personally am marching for a whole myriad of issues, far too many to list, so am going to focus on one. The way our government handles drugs. They produce thousands of new types every year to treat everything from headaches to fevers. Many of these are dangerous, for example prescription painkillers kill tens of thousands of people a year whilst marijuana, a natural medicine that can help thousands of conditions such as cancer, seizures, and relive pain more effectively than any painkillers, is illegal. Why is this the case? Well we already know that 'finding the cure to cancer' is an industry worth billions, which explains why we only have medicine to treat the people such as machines and medicines that the system financially benefits from, but plants such as marijuana and naturally occurring vitamin B17 that have been proven in thousands of clinical trials to not only kill cancer cells but prevent the growth of new ones are illegal, whilst radiation therapy which was first discovered by poisoning people with mustard gas is perfectly fine they eyes of the law. Another issue is not only medical but recreational marijuana use is a big no no in the eyes of the law as well. Marijuana has been used medically, recreationally and in industry for tens of thousands of years and there has never been a single death attributed to it, it is also a non-addictive substance that its only risk is it can bring out schizophrenia in children who already have a genetic pre-disposition for it, meanwhile alcohol and tobacco, two of the most addictive and harmful substances on the planet that have very little or no medical use are legal. Another reason it's illegal is that it can be used to make paper, which would hurt the logging industry, used to make oil that many vehicles can run off, which would hurt the oil industry, it can produce the world's strongest natural fibre which would hurt many fabric industries and because of all its medical properties it would hurt the pharmaceutical industry very badly. I very much like using this plant as an example of how the system is run for profit and not for the people. Recently a parliamentary petition to legalise the plant for people 21 and over received 200,000 signatures but was ignored. Also I believe all drugs should be decriminalised and sold like tobacco or alcohol so that they are harder for young people to get hold of and the money can be used on healthcare, schools etc. and not go to gangs which cause many problems such as street violence. We have already seen the success of decriminalising drugs such as marijuana in many states in the US or magic truffles in Amsterdam, where the streets are now a lot cleaner and the money from the taxes of selling these substances is being well spent.

We do not preach from high up pedestals to the people because we are you, we are the people, we are you, and anyone can join us regardless of political or religious views as long as you share the view that many things in our society are fundamentally wrong. We have no leaders or hierarchy we are just you, the people.

We are anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.