million mask march

Anarchists in V For Vendetta masks bring Westminster to a halt.
Anarchist protesters wearing Guido Fawkes disguises brought their anti-capitalist message to the heart of London for the
‘Peaceful protest is the last thing on the minds of some’
The Metropolitan Police has issued a series of conditions on the proposed Million Mask March, due to be held on Sunday 5
“To those attending November 5th with little experience of the Met we have simple advice, the police are not your friends
We do not preach from high up pedestals to the people because we are you, we are the people, we are you, and anyone can join us regardless of political or religious views as long as you share the view that many things in our society are fundamentally wrong. We have no leaders or hierarchy we are just you, the people.
We are more than just cattle who keep the cogs of capitalism grinding, we are beautiful creative beings capable of great things. The average person does not want wars, mundane repetitive tasks and destruction.
Police in London have hit back at Anonymous UK’s claims they are guilty of “pitiful aggression and violence” ahead of a potentially