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12 months of New Possibilities...

I'm not going to be on an extensive alcohol free detox, avoiding sugar at all costs or forcing myself away from my electric blanket at the crack of dawn to worship the sun in a downward dog position.
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2013. The year we thought we would never reach. If you're reading this the apocalypse probs hasn't hit - wohooo! Fingers crossed the illuminati doesn't take over and you're not reading this posthumously after I popped my clogs by eating too many pigs in blankets, or tequila shots on New Year's (still in the market for a new brain to be honest)...this year promises a lot of lols.

At the start of the year (post wondering if you actually like sprouts) naval gazing life re-vamps are a right of passage, along with renewed gym memberships and bringing sarnies and salads to work on post partying cobwebs and to slim that waistline up.

I'm not going to be on an extensive alcohol free detox, avoiding sugar at all costs or forcing myself away from my electric blanket at the crack of dawn to worship the sun in a downward dog position. Donating ridiculous presents to the charity shop and sprinkling my desk with a few tumblr friendly inspirational quotes though - schuuure. But while I pick them out (and what's up with our online obsession?!) here's an alternative look what else I'll be into come 2013....some new tunes and artists I'll be listening to include these chaps....

Clean Bandit

A mind bending mixed sex musical collective spanning drums bass and strings who work with an assortment of vocalists, I can't get enough of them! Always accompanied by serious visuals that they do themselves it's forward thinking, beautifully melodic genre spanning good-to-have-a-think-to pop at its finest. Re-loooad! Check out their video for A & E.


Not just Beyonce's swagged out sister any more my friends. You might remember her spinning tunes in Bey's Party video, or just generally brightening up the New York party scene with her happy yet totes fierce garment ensembles. Distinctly not trying to imitate Queen B she's carving out her own lovely little niche with cute non composed dance moves, a nod from RnB pop house remix king Cyril Hans - which sounds very sick although it makes her sound like a man - and uses amazingly dressed gentlemen of South Africa for inspiration in her last vid. I'm in love with her. Massive girl crush on her in the Losing You video.


This lady is Wigfield with a twist for 2013 infused with future garage sounds. Her recent collaboration Mainline was with the steel drum blending house don Tensnake and see's her joined in the vid by beret clad dancers bringing waistcoats back in a big way. Showing off her penchant for fierce talons and whole load of bling, her latest offering is a team up with sassy deep house-er Huxley. I'd like her as one of my girls please, mostly so I can borrow her crop tops.


"Ooorite-rite!" - he's a fresh grime scene graduate hailing from the Midlands clad in bright hoodies and slyly but surely changing up the game with vocals, lyrics and a I-wanna-squeeze-his cheeks-but-I-dunno-if-he'll be-on-it-cos-he's-too-cool grin. Grime, garage and future looking beats come mostly from his producer brother Preditah - beat maker for Wiley and JME. Boy Better Know wannabes are two a penny, but while c4 rolls with the grime establishing don's (they manage him and JME provides video cameo's - fro ablazing) he without a doubt does it all by himself.

Nimmo and the Gauntletts

Beautiful pipes that lend themselves to honey sweet harmonies while going for more than a walk on the guitar, the five piece that features saxophone and violin is led by swagged out front women Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett. Seeing these guys in the flesh is the best way to appreciate their club music inspired acoustic sets. Fresh out of uni and cheekily difficult to put in a box - they feel like they're the sexy indie band you didn't know you liked - kinda Morrissey meets the Maccabee's via Jessie Ware.

So pumping up some fresh tunes is a given. But how to tell people you're losing your aural virginity to 2013's next big things? Online profiles and social networks eh. Tools that play on our curiosity and connect the million of human beings afraid of being left out. But how the hell are you supposed to know what etiquette is saying in these new spheres?!

I'm constantly trying to avoid 'twit regret' - that's tweeting and deleting it swiftly after - (revealing too much / not actually funny / 'that doesn't sound like me at all' - are some arguments I often find). Is the answer just to tweet more so you're regrettable 140 characters goes further down the page? Or take a few more deep breaths and chill the hell out? I'll probs be still debating generally in 2013. While attempting not to think I'm an instagram model (anyone for a #nofilter?!), avoiding uploading dinner pics however sexy (snore - that might even be an unfollow if you put up too many steak snaps to be hons), keeping my negative opinions to myself unless they're absolutely hilarious (usually arguable either way) and generally not saying very much on my super private-ed up Facebook other than putting stupid vids on my bezzers walls while trying to bring back the poke....I mean I did that by accident?!

Other corners of the interweb I'll be appreciating is the likes of Rich Cats of Instagram and Zoey Deschanel's magazine site Hello Giggles, Wired and trying to sticking to my resolution of allowing the gossip craving Daily Mail website (RiRi's wearing whaaaat?!), or any other terrible diet encouraging get-a-new-boyfriend by buying suck-in-pants media outlets that must make me a worse person by reading them. Here goes nothing eh...

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