12/09/2013 09:17 BST | Updated 11/11/2013 05:12 GMT

Am I the Only One Dreading Football Season?

Last night, my boyfriend and I got into a bit of a spat over football. We had been away for the weekend to our very dear mates wedding and were exhausted from all the 'over socialising' (if that's even possible). I came home last night to a "very important football match". (20 months ago when we fell blissfully inlove, I had agreed he could watch the 'important' games when were together. For instance, if Arsenal are playing on Date Night.) As I sat down, using his IPad to try and watch anything remotely good on Netflix (I ended up watching 'Irvine Welsh's Ecstasy' - save yourself 90 minutes, and don't bother), I found myself resenting him. Like full on 'I want to delete Top Boy from Sky Plus because I know you will cry' resent him.

Here I was, exhausted and had spent 8 hours at work wishing I was home, to now be sat on my own sofa not been able to watch my programs. 'Lady Boys' was on Sky 1, and I was very annoyed to not be enjoying my evening watching that.

Like a typical girl aka twat, when my boyfriend Mark offers to go to the pub to watch the game, I insist he stays at home and watches it in the comfort of our own lounge, then resent him when he's in the comfort of our own lounge watching bloody football. He really can't win.

In our "spat", and that really is the only word for it, he announces that "EVERY lad he knows can watch football whenever they want to with their girlfriends" bla bla bla. I then proclaim that "EVERY woman I know wouldn't DREAM of letting their partner watch every.important.match in their own home", bla bla bla.

The problem, I think, is this.

We made a nice deal. He can watch the Arsenal games, whenever they were on because that is 'his team', and I think he would be honest in saying he is far more inlove with Arsenal than he ever could be with any woman, including me.

This deal then became "all important games", including England games. Then it included England Friendlies. Now it seems to just be any premiership team. See, he thinks he is using my pathetic knowledge of the beautiful game to trick me, but I know his plan.

So, what is it with you lot? What is it in your house? I don't want to send him to the pub every game as I will miss him, we already work opposite hours. I also don't want to watch all the games, because, well, I have a life. So, what's the answer? This isn't a rhetorical question, I am literally asking anyone who is reading this.

If only I had one of those remote control thingy's like Will Smith uses in 'Men in Black', I would soon have him forget he even liked football in the first place. ;-)