09/12/2013 19:16 GMT | Updated 08/02/2014 05:59 GMT

Do You Ask Yourself Enough, 'What Do I Want?'

I asked my Facebook friends the other day, 'could you name five things you would want to be or have in the next year' thinking I would inundated with dreams and desires from people. I got nowt... Obviously I got the old "I want to be happy and healthy" and "the cure for cancer". I mean, come on, who doesn't want those things - but SPECIFICS. What do you want right now? What's your next goal? What's the next thing on your list to complete in life?

According to all the books on The Law of Attraction I have read, this is exactly why these same people aren't 'getting.' They haven't even thought about what they want, let alone working towards getting it. I have shed loads of fed up people on Facebook moaning about the life they lead, and yet these same people haven't even asked themselves what they want.

Ask any sports star or pop star what they want and, without hesitation, they will say a 'Gold' or 'No. 1.' They set ambitions and then go about achieving them. I'm not saying we should all want a number one song in the charts (although I have written mine and planned the video since I was 12), but shouldn't we all be setting goals for ourselves? Join a gym? Learn how to cook properly? Find a hobby?

As I mentioned before, I am into the whole self-help type books. Not weirdly, I don't obsess over any of it, but I do like reading people's advice on how to be the best, feel the best, and achieve the best. I have this innate belief that I can be anything I goddamn want to be and that the only thing that divides me from the dude with a billion pounds in the bank are a few steps. If, in fact I want a billion pounds in the bank that is.

Luck, education and networking all play a part. But two of the things in that list I can work at, and luck, well in the words of Will Smith "I'm not afraid to die on a treadmill. I will not be out-worked, period." Luck doesn't have to play a role if you are the hardest worker in the contest.

So, with that in mind, I have set my boyfriend and I a little challenge. To start every week with some goals. Whether it's to hit the gym three times that week, call friends more or to get an idea away at work - and to remind ourselves what our life goals are. We want to see more of the world and buy a place. We've found that by reminding ourselves what we want, we worry less about how we are going to get there. The focus alone keeps us optimistic.

I think we could all do with reminding ourselves what we want from our lives. Life's too short to sit there and moan when some people are clearly winning at it. So ask yourself now, 'what do you want?' I think you might be surprised at the answers you give yourself. Turns out we don't all want a billion pound and a yacht after all...

PS I take that back. I DEFINITELY want a yacht. One day.