14/08/2013 08:19 BST | Updated 13/10/2013 06:12 BST

The Third Metric: Grace Belgravia's answer

Emma Barnett, Women's Editor for The Telegraph, concluded The Third Metric panel discussion held in London with a provoking and pertinent question: is the Third Metric universe really achievable or simply a utopian redefinition which British corporates may be reluctant to accept?

Kate Percival provides Emma with a tangible 11,500sq ft. answer: enter Grace Belgravia - London's first health, wellbeing and lifestyle Club for women of which Kate is CEO. The Club, founded in November 2012, offers a truly integrated set of wellbeing services for health-conscious and caring women. It combines fitness, healthy-eating, spa, medical, and diverse events ranging from fashion shows to financial seminars in a single, beautiful setting.

Kate insists: "It's so important to take some time each day to recalibrate, and focus on yourself, your needs, and making yourself feel and be the very best you can, something which is at the very heart of the Grace concept." This sentiment resonates perfectly with Arianna Huffington's vision of a world where happiness and wellbeing are key measures of success rather than simply power and money.

"Business and burnout are a badge of honour, practically virility symbols [a concept that] was largely created by men", Arianna explains. "Even successful women [are] still more likely to be managing their home lives as well [so] it's reasonable to think women will be inspired to bring in a more well-rounded idea of what constitutes success," she concludes.

In this setting with like-minded women, Kate encourages a redefinition of success - and goes so far as to suggest that it is already taking place at Grace "There has been a paradigm shift: women are becoming more collegiate. Regardless of their attitude and interaction with men, they want to spend a portion of their day in a nurturing environment with other women."

Emma Barnett visited Grace in July and was impressed with the Club's holistic approach to wellbeing and how Grace succeeds in "bringing together wellness, health, gym and socialising". While she might not sign for membership today, surely she will agree that Grace brings us a step closer to realising Huffington's vision of a Third Metric.