Capitalising on the Olympic Spirit

Capitalising on the Olympic Spirit

It seems like it was only yesterday that my family and I were watching the 5 flame-forged rings ascending above the Olympic stadium. Now that we have been sung out of the Olympics by Britain's best, my thoughts turn to how we can best keep the flame ignited and inspire the nation to make exercise a daily part of their routine.

After a period of persistent over-exercising I have come to a more balanced understanding of how exercise can be used to energise my body and not replete or damage it. However at the other end of the spectrum, many generally perceive exercise to be either "calorie-burning" something that "has" to or "should" be done and avoid it in its entirety. Whilst the Olympics emphasises competitiveness, there was also a greater spirit of camaraderie which could be equally influential in galvanising us into taking regular exercise.

Group exercise is significantly more motivating than caning it on a treadmill at the gym. Group exercise does not end with team sports or gym classes but can involve short but regular group walks. Group exercise could also be married with socially responsible activities such as clearing litter, or volunteering.

Of course one of the most positive mindsets to have is to remove the connotation of "exertion" from exercise and consider it a way of enjoying yourself.

The sudden surge in runners passing my front window is hopefully a sign that the Olympic spirit of celebrating our bodies in action will be sustained.