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Wrong Way, my debut Edinburgh show, took place every day at 18:00 in a blow up igloo in the kids' zone of the Pleasance Courtyard. Here is how that played out for me.

Wrong Way, my debut Edinburgh show, took place every day at 18:00 in a blow up igloo in the kids' zone of the Pleasance Courtyard. Here is how that played out for me.

Edinburgh Show: Day 1

During blackout, got off the stage and got my foot caught between a floor light and the wall of my blow up venue, the Igloo. My foot was properly stuck for five minutes. In the process of trying to get it out, I set off a strobe that the technicians were unable to turn off. Finally got my foot out but had to do last 20 minutes with strobe lighting.

Edinburgh Show: Day 2

Show was good. One criticism was that I didn't accidentally get my leg caught in a floor light. #callback

Edinburgh Show: Day 3

0 audience 2 walkouts. Impressive/depressing.

Edinburgh Show: Day 4

Learnt a valuable lesson in flyering. Avoid cuckolded guys whose wife/girlfriend has gone to the toilet. They have no say in ticket buying decision.

Edinburgh Show: Day 5

Had to operate show at an unprecedented 600% in what can only be described as a private show for three female Pleasance pass holders.

Edinburgh Show: Day 6

Found out yesterday morning that, due to lack of ticket sales at previous shows, the ghost of Greyfriars Bobby was sitting outside the Igloo as he thought my show had died. Excorsised him in time to sell most tickets in the run so far.

Edinburgh Show: Day 8

The "This is really weird I had a dream last night that you were in my show and really enjoyed it" line when flyering experiment was not a success. Also there was a child in the front row, see last 20 minutes of my show for details of how this probably went.

Edinburgh Show: Day 9

Female reviewer from Three Weeks loved my show yesterday, laughed all the way through. Best show yet! Got really excited as desperately need a review, and this one was going to be great. On my way to Courtyard this morning, bumped into said girl, wearing Pleasance uniform. Maybe she works for Three Weeks and the Pleasance? Nope, just the Pleasance. Three Weeks never collected their ticket.

Edinburgh Show: Day 10

Cannot believe I had 60 people in my show yesterday. Not in any of the brochures, no reviews yet and no PR or management behind me. The spirit of the fringe is still alive...just.

Edinburgh Show: Day 11

Had such a fawning audience in yesterday, had to tell them to stop being such arse lickers and laughing so much. Before the show I accidentally kneed an old dog in the face. So, swings and roundabouts

Edinburgh Show: Day 12

Day off. Best attendance and show of the run so far.

Edinburgh Show: Day 13

They say you have a bad show after your day off, luckily for me I've had a bad show every day so didn't even notice. #sarcasm #stormedit

Edinburgh Show: Day 15

Show started with me falling off the stage flat on my face. Show ended with me being told off by venue staff for shouting at two children for screaming outside my venue during my show. Virtually sold out though, so if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Edinburgh Show: Day 17

Note to other performers. Learnt that if you flyer an SDL march, you are going to get some wankers in.

Edinburgh Show: Day 18

18 shows in I've showed that I can keep people engaged for 50 minutes whilst making them laugh loads on a daily basis. Can I go home yet? Also when do I get my own TV show?

Edinburgh Show: Day 19

20 minutes in, an old woman in the front row said to me "These seats are really uncomfortable, they've got no back on" to which I replied "Oh the show is usually going so well people don't notice". Then five students pulled some beers out of their bag and started opening them with bottle openers. A guy got up to go to the toilet just before a serious bit then a woman's phone rang. She told me it was her dad. Oh yeah and Steve Bennett put in a surprise appearance, he was booked in for Wednesday. Parents are seeing me do stand up for the first time today, what could go wrong?

Edinburgh Show: Day 22

Door in my venue broke during show, got more laughs than written bits so abandoned show and just riffed on broken door for last 15 minutes. Hope it's not fixed in time for today's show.

Edinburgh Show: Day 23

Reviews in summary. "Doesn't work" Festival Journal, two stars. "Do not go to this" Three Weeks, one star. "Racist" Chortle, two stars. "Future cult hero of British comedy" The Fix, five stars.

Edinburgh Show: Day 24

Why have I done this? Who am I? What is my show?

Edinburgh Show: Day 25

Found out that my venue is built on a graveyard. That explains everything.


Ignored by industry, mauled by critics, shunned by fellow acts. Glad I spent six months working on my show.

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