edinburgh fringe

The giant balloon was created to end stigma around incontinence – now campaigners want organisers to #LetFannyFly.
Each bag contains a fidget toy, water bottle and ear defenders.
The adventure of the rainbow clerical shirt began with a child's painting displayed in the window of John Lewis in Exeter. I was walking past and my eye caught a six-year-old's picture that appeared to be of a vicar in a multi-coloured, vertically striped shirt. "What a great idea," I thought. And then, "But I bet no one's making them."
We decided to tell the truthful and everyday stories of learning disabled people's parenthood through a new show called Mia. Besides being entertaining, we want to tell people these hidden stories, make them aware of the ordinary lives of some extraordinary people. Mia carries hard-hitting stuff, sometimes the absurdity of reality renders us not knowing whether to laugh or cry.
Balancing life, love and a career: the age old challenge for 20-somethings. A challenge that has gotten the better of many. And I am NOT going to sit here with my Lidl lager and pretend I've got it all figured out. Absolutely not. Especially with my choices.
everybody banner Roughly half of venues do not have level access. I am a wheelchair user and miss out on so much good work, and while there are plenty of alternatives it seems to be contrary to the nature of the Fringe to restrict what I can see. One can only have freedom of expression if the audience is not limited.
I am from the Lower East Side of New York. A beautifully diverse neighbourhood filled to the brim with colour, life, and the stamp of the immigrant experience. Growing up, I felt the beauty of the diversity, delighted in the taste of foods from all over the world and absorbed the sound of the many accents that dominated this unique part of the Big Apple.
It's remarkable what you can get from a list: its succinctness means it is so often like a story where you fill in the gaps. Responses to Things I inherited from my mum are sideways portraits, full of love but also unafraid to acknowledge their subject's less attractive qualities.
As always, fringe theatre is where the most authentic depictions of LGBTQ+ lives can be found - and this year's Ed Fringe is no exception. Hundreds of queer writers, directors, and performers will descend on the Scottish capital to display a wide range of productions that don't sacrifice LGBTQ+ performers in search of commercial appeal.
I think the real problem is that James is settled now and I am not. That is his life, and it's different to mine. I think my irritation at the baby talk is more soreness at my own life than resentment at his.