Rihanna Gets a Haircut, World Decides to Comment

13/09/2012 12:25 BST | Updated 11/11/2012 10:12 GMT

Rihanna has hit the entertainment news headlines again, this time for cutting her hair - I kid you not - prompting thousands of people to share their opinions on the life or death matter online.

Before her VMA performance last week, the 24-year-old singer stunned fans as she debuted her new super-short cropped hairdo, according to the Daily Mail. Did she though? Didn't she just remove her weave and leave the house?

Apparently not. Cue the website comments section, where those who are ignored in real life come to get things off their chest, like Paul1974 from Manchester:

"She's even more deluded than I thought if she thinks she's attractive enough for that short crop."

Aww how lovely. Thanks for sharing, Paul. Next!

"Now I see why she wears a wig all the time. Sorry if this upsets people but I think she looks really butch without a feminine hair style."

That comment is ok, because Dolly from the UK apologises before she calls Rihanna "butch".

Annette, who commented on The Huffington Post's piece about Rih-Rih, was just as insightful:

"HAHA! She's even uglier NOW! I mean really---Eyes a miles apart,flat nose.She's hopeless."

All we need to know in one slightly grammatically unsound sentence. Thanks.

There was a glimmer of hope though, as Sara Moor from Dundee wrote:

"I love her new hairstyle!" - but don't get too excited now, as that got six bad, 'I-don't-like-that' red arrows and no 'yey-I-like-what-you-said' green ones. Shame.

One more for luck?

"Looks even more like Will Smith now."

Thanks Michelle from the Island of Ireland, girl power.

Even Piers Morgan jumped in with his two penneth on Twitter, giving a truly wonderful insight into how his mind works, while watching the closing ceremony for one of the most awe-inspiring events of our time:

"ps I think @Rihanna needs to grow her hair back. Fast."

Lovely. RiRi may be the latest star to sport a shorter hairstyle, but when Miley Cyrsus cut off her long hair in favour of a new bleached crop last month, for some reason it went viral, with people wondering if she'd lost her mind. Anne Hathaway cut hers for the role of Fantine in Les Les Misérables, but her decision still prompted comments like "why is her hair like that? was she involved in some kind of dare???" And Emma Watson, formerly of Hermione Granger in Harry Potter fame, cut her long hair then found she had to grow it back to get roles.

Most ladies I know envy those with the guts to go for the chop, and I know from experience, one benefit of a pixie crop is that it basically gifts you an extra half an hour in bed. Or to do more productive things like cooking, ironing, cracking out the mangle or planning what to make your husband for tea when he gets in from his hard day at the office.

The Vagenda puts the whole situation perfectly in their aptly-named blog post, It's just a f**king haircut, stating:

"When actresses like Watson and Cyrus, who found fame playing wholesome characters when they were only children themselves, cut their hair off, we are told that they are 'shedding their good girl image'.

"The media convinces us that cropping your hair is a career move, a publicity stunt. These women can't possibly think this looks good, so they must be doing it for another reason... the public seems to decide that any woman who crops her hair must want to look like a boy and therefore has opened herself to being fairly mocked and ridiculed - unless she did it for a good cause, of course."

Of course. Miley was later 'forgiven' for cutting her own hair by many kind Twitter users when they found out she donated the trimmings to charity; she best let Rihanna know quick.