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Real Confessions of a Housewife

Episode 17 recap:

A riverboat bonding trip that ended with the #AmsterDAMN! Slap wasn't a bad dream for Lisa Vanderpump or Brandi. It actually happened, as a joke of course.

Yes, Brandi, you took it too far! I think these women of Beverly Hills are ready to get back to 90210.

Episode 18: Real Confessions of a Housewife

Lisa Vanderpump is refusing Brandi's apology, all perfectly reasonable too. She has the right to not want to be friends with Brandi, and it seems like she has wanted a way out for a while (remember the "singing for her friendship" episode??), and this is the perfect excuse.

Beautiful City, Beautiful Food, Beautiful C**k

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Also, hitting someone is crossing the line. I believe Brandi when she says she was just joking and it got out of hand, but I would certainly be done with that friendship if I were in Lisa V.'s shoes! It's called having #boundaries! At the same time, Brandi did apologize, so what else can she really do? So it makes sense in this episode that Brandi opts out of dinner with the ladies - to go on a date with a 24-year-old "hunk"! It's probably the best choice for her at this point. I'm sure she'll be missed by the Housewives...

On the date, it seems like Brandi's Dutch boy is trying to get her drunk! LOL. Brandi, you're in for a fun night!... Keep those drinks coming! Just don't forget your #martinigoggles! Apparently, he was "leftovers" from the night before. I am sure this is the highlight of her trip. I am thoroughly entertained when Brandi is explaining to the young lad that she only dates young 20 year olds or 50 year olds. HMMM.

Things don't go well for Brandi when she gets back to Beverly Hills. She receives bad news about her father's house, which brings her to her snapping point. This is the beginning of the end for Brandi on Housewives. Then, during a spa day, Yolanda is very honest and up-front with Brandi about her behavior on the trip, and calls her out to hold her accountable for her misbehavior.

Brandi is right, too, though, when she responds to Yolanda by saying that the other Housewives all get away with acting crazy and misbehaving. Let's not forget, Lisa Rinna threw a glass which was reckless. If that was Brandi, they would have called the police! It is a #DoubleStandard for sure. Poor Brandi!

Meanwhile, Kyle is livid when she finds out from Lisa Rinna that Brandi has proposed that Lisa R. arrange an intervention for Kim. It sounds like a set-up to me! Kyle calls BS, and this is not going to go well between the sisters. Lisa R. is all over this season's center stage! If there is a Housewife scandal happening in the 90210, she is probably a part of it! She certainly isn't my favorite housewife, but she is definitely doing a good job of bringing #AlltheDrama!

Kyle and Kim Argue in Palm Springs

Kyle is way too ready to confront Kim with the situation that's been going on behind her back. She wants to reveal to her sister what her "best friend " has been saying behind her back - and to reveal her new house in Palm Springs, of course! It's time to play the blame game, as Kyle tearfully tries to express to Kim that Brandi has been saying unflattering things behind her back - talking about addiction, telling everyone that Kim needs an intervention. Obviously, Kim isn't going to believe Kyle, though. This is going to open a can of worms! Before we know it, the sisters are somehow fighting about Kyle supposedly "stealing" their parents' house from her! Again! Been there, done that.

These sisters are digging way too deep into the past. Let's stick to this season's drama girls... But of course sometimes a #FamilyFeud just never ends! In the end of this episode, the sisters kiss and make up... until next time!

Warning Spoiler Alert - Episode 19

This season comes to a head next week! The party is officially over. Kyle's fuse is short, as she wants to get to the bottom of this Kim drama amongst the other ladies at Adrian's event. And Brandi will have her final episode, at least for now on the #RHOBH.

Coming up in Episode 19

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