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#RHOBH S5, EP16 - Epic Fight in Amsterdam

Season 5, Episode 16: Review

In Amsterdam[m], tensions continue to run high between Kim and Lisa Rinner. As soon as the ladies check into the hotel, Lisa R. races to warn Eileen and Lisa V. that they better watch out for Kim. She's a loose cannon! But Lisa R., if you dish out the drama you better be ready to get messy... at this point, it's just a matter of time before these women are all put into the same room together and everything comes crashing down!

It all culminates at an explosive dinner! Lisa R. decides to put all her cards on table by sharing her baggage about addiction with the group. Simultaneously, she apologizes to Kim for possibly overstepping her boundaries.

But Kim isn't having it -- and this is the reaction we've all been waiting for!

Epic Fight in Amsterdam Pt. 1

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She seizes the moment to release her pent-up emotions and airs everyone's dirty laundry, escalating the conversation at every turn. My favorite quote from this quarrel is Kim calling Eileen a "beast"! Kim sounds like someone possessed this season! Or maybe she just received a paycheck bonus... she also snaps at Eileen, "I have never found one thing I have liked about you. From your hair to your face to your attitude," and snipes at Lisa R. to "eat a piece of bread." Oh no you didn't! #Beast

It officially becomes a group argument when Kim attacks Kyle for "never" defending or supporting her, saying Brandi is a better friend. Brandi stays surprisingly quiet during this blowout compared to some of the other Housewives -- one of the most surprising parts of the whole fight! -- but hostility is flying all around the table, and things reach a dramatic ending when Lisa R. smashes a glass, throws water on Kim, and attempts to strangle her!!! Bravo! Encore! Encore!

We've definitely seen our favorite 90210 women with their claws out before -- like back in season two, when Brandi and Kyle almost got into a fistfight over Taylor! Or season one's fallout between Kim and Kyle in the limo! And who could forget Brandi's real initiation into the 90210 -- the fight where Kyle and Kim ganged up on her, and she responded by accusing Kim of doing crystal meth in the bathroom all night?! #Ouch

Epic Fight in Amsterdam Pt. 2

So yes, these Housewives are no strangers to catfights, but the extreme volatility of the Amsterdam dinner definitely goes into the RHOBH Catfight Hall of Fame!!

Lisa R. has officially become one of her soap opera characters; in her own words, she "lost her marbles" at this dinner! All the Housewives walk out upset -- but, shockingly, Kim and Lisa R. make up the next day, agreeing to move forward. Maybe fitting, since they were tied for the worst-behaved Housewives last night! Kim's unapologetic attitude and hostility were way out of line, but this incident completely exposes Lisa R.'s explosive side. She went from 0 to 100 real quick.

Everyone's mood lightens as the group takes a bike ride, and when they stop at a little Dutch windmill, Yolanda meets a guy who says he was her "first kiss" but she doesn't remember him at all! Who knows whether he made it all up! Then everyone meets Yolanda's European family, and #SpaceCakes become the topic of conversation! Who will partake?! Ladies, you all know you want to!! And almost everyone tries it. Who knows what will happen once the cameras leave that night . . . Everyone is having fun, until Brandi reveals that the last time she smoked pot it was with Kyle? #WTF?! Everyone sees through Kyle's goody-two-shoes attitude, and the tone of the evening changes.

Brandi feels at this point like everyone is allowed their opinion except for her. There is truth to that sometimes, but then again, you reap what you sow. But really, Brandi doesn't care; she might be over these women and their antics, but she isn't here for the friendship anyway.

It's a job, hello! A very tough one at that. Especially when you are the easy target. Although Lisa R. may be giving Brandi a run for her money as the group's best catfighter! But Lisa seems to have gotten too caught up in Kim's storyline right now -- time to move on to some new drama!!

Season 5, Episode 17: *Warning! Contains spoilers*

Next week, things are stirred up again--of course! What good would the Amsterdam trip be without a Brandi fight?! We know next week features Brandi giving Lisa V. a 'playful' slap in the face... I have a feeling Lisa V. is going to have a hard time letting that one slide! Brandi might have to do more than sing at a party to get her forgiveness this time. I have a feeling we may hear more of Kim's infamous rants, too. Let's see if the Housewives can all stand to be on the same plane together when it's finally time to come back home . . .

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