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The Real Housewives 'Dirty Mouths, Space Cakes & Boob Envy'

In the final part of this glamorous Beverly Hills reunion, the real stars are the dirty mouths and provocative conversations of our favorite 90210 Housewives!

The Housewives Reflect // The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills // Season 5

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In the final part of this glamorous Beverly Hills reunion, the real stars are the dirty mouths and provocative conversations of our favorite 90210 Housewives!

They say with age comes experience . . . the experience of feeling each other up on television, apparently! #BoobEnvy I hope their children are not watching this episode!! Good to know that a Beverly Hills housewife is like a good bottle of wine, getting finer (and sexier!) with age. But when Lisa R. tells us that "Harry likes it hairy"?! #TMI ewwwww!!! But nothing brings feuding women together like a foul-mouthed gossipfest!

Brandi has been replaced by Lisa Rinna as the reigning RHOBH F-word queen after this episode. Funny to remember how Eileen lectured Brandi about not using that word . . . doubt she's having that same conversation with her bestie Lisa! And Lisa is cranking up #AlltheDrama even offscreen these days!! We learn this episode that apparently, after Adrian's ostentatious Beverly Hills party, Lisa sent a threatening text to Kim!! Ladies, save it for the cameras! Lisa, I thought you were a seasoned pro - if you are going to pull some entertaining crazy like that, please wait until next season so we can all enjoy! #SavetheDrama Kim, if you go missing, we'll all know it was Lisa, with the candlestick, in the library! #Clue

Lisa turns on the waterworks during this confrontation, but it's hard to believe tears from a woman who cries for a living. Ladies and gentlemen, don't let the alligator tears fool you! . . . Unless she really is that upset?

Onto the next match. Oh yes, let's re-trace our steps to Amsterdam please! #SpaceCake #ContactHigh Let's also not forget that Brandi used this trip as an opportunity to expose Kyle and their pot smoking ventures in the past. #narc Lesson learned here: don't smoke pot with a frenemy who has the potential to out you publicly. Brandi wanted to make a point that Kyle is a hypocrite. Well done, Brandi. I was very entertained to find out that fact! Who would have thought? #PoshPot

Brandi VS Kyle: Space Cakes in 'Dam // The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills // Season 5

Kim's sobriety has become the hot topic again. And the most confusing part of the season to me. If you relapse are you sober? If you show up on camera in the beginning of the season, "high as a kite" when you are supposedly sober, people are going to talk about it. Especially around new cast members who have never met you and are ready to dig in.

Now for the final round of this #FamilyFeud!! This entire season has been a threesome between Kim, Kyle, and their new BFF Brandi. But it's not as sexy as you would think!! I never saw this coming!

Brandi hasn't helped the sisters' relationship, but she isn't really responsible for the rift between them either. Obviously the sisters, like any, have some deep-seated issues. Maybe Brandi and her antics were the straw that broke the camel's back. But if anything, I think Kim has been hiding behind Brandi to avoid more confrontations with Kyle. I also think Kyle is just sick of Kim's antics. It's probably healthy for them to take a break and step back from their intense on-camera relationship, which seems to heighten everything.

Apparently, a big part of their rift has played out over Instagram. Allegedly, Kim's dog bit Kyle's daughter, resulting in a hospital visit. Kyle says that her daughter nearly lost her arm! That's intense. But still, I can't even believe when Lisa Rinna is coaching Kyle from the sidelines, saying, "Stay strong!" as Kyle tearfully addresses her sister. Really?! And then maybe her best quote of the night: "You need to own that dog bite." LOL!

I'm not a fan when Kim (or anyone) says, "There are circumstances that have happened outside of the show that have affected our relationship." We deserve to know what happened! We don't watch your lives every week so that you'll leave out the most important parts that affect your on-camera drama!! Hello, this is not a puzzle, it's a reality show!! At this point, I want them to bring Kathy Hilton on the show more than ever. I think everything will make so much more sense when we get to hear her point of view.

I do hope the sisters can find their sisterly love again. Nothing is more important than family. In Lisa Vanderpump's words, they need to "put a lid on it "and just be there for each other at this point in time and resolve their issues. #lifestooshort

I do believe Brandi when she says she wants the sisters to fix their relationship. Emotions are running high as the episode starts to reach that point of saying goodbye. Thank you, Brandi, for all your entertainment and time on the RHOBH! You will be missed!

Warning: Spoiler Alert: Final Episode

On our final episode of the season, secrets will be revealed!! We will get some never-before-seen stories as the Beverly Hills vault is opened. I have never seen this episode myself, so there is not much to spoil our next installment of #AlltheDrama. I can't wait!!!

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