29/07/2015 06:07 BST | Updated 28/07/2016 06:59 BST

RHOBH Season 5 - After the Epic Fight in Amsterdam...

Episode 16 recap:

Previously on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - the ladies landed in Amsterdam and damn, it got messy! Lisa Rinna and Kim engaged in an Academy Award-worthy cat-fight. And the winner was Lisa R., for the shortest fuse and most entertaining use of props! Although Kim and Lisa R. decided to let it all be the water under the bridge, I have a feeling emotions are still running high. I am ready for round two of #GoingDutchDrama with these crazy ladies! I have a feeling there will be a few different players this time.

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Episode 17: Review

The Housewives start their day by splitting into two groups, to keep the peace and diversify their experiences. Oddly, Lisa R. decides to go shopping with Kim, Lisa V., and Brandi. Maybe an attempt to ease earlier tense feelings between her and Kim? Or maybe Kim knows some secrets about Lisa R. (and her husband) that Lisa doesn't want revealed! That will change anyone's attitude . . . I think Lisa R. might just be scared of Kim! I know I would be!!

There's no better way to bring Beverly Hills women together than shopping! Maybe that's been the problem this whole season -- the ladies have had retail withdrawal! These four "BFFs" banding together leaves Eileen speechless (and tagging along with Kyle to tour museums). Eileen seems bewildered and disappointed that Lisa R. has made up with Kim. She seems to want to exclude herself from Kim's apologies -- and Kyle too.

When everyone arrives back at the hotel, Eileen has decided to confront Lisa R. Let's clear the air, ladies! Lisa R. makes it clear to Eileen: there's only one team you can be on in the 90210, and that's your own!!

Then it's all aboard the riverboat! All of the Housewives have to sit down together. The best part about this is there's only one way out: jumping overboard. A girl can always hope!

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Tension on a Riverboat Pt.1

The waters seem calm at first, but soon everyone's issues start to unravel. Kyle, upset and confused, heads over to the bar, followed by Lisa V. and Yolanda. Leave it to Brandi to kick off the confrontations of the night! She, Kim, Lisa R., and Eileen are still sitting at the table, when Brandi decides to air her issues with Eileen. Tonight seems to be Confront Eileen Night! But when Kyle returns from the bar, the conversation takes a heightened turn towards Kim and her sobriety -- again!! This must be about the 17th time these Housewives have rehashed the issue, despite the fact that Kim clearly doesn't want anyone's help. Does it really need to be the focal point of every episode this season? Let's move on, ladies!!

Brandi does move on, in a way -- she goes around the table, "jokingly" telling everyone what's wrong with them. #GoodDecisions! Cats are out of the bag, but who could be surprised that this doesn't end well?

Yolanda gathers the other Housewives over to dinner, trying to draw them away from the drama. But Brandi and Kyle try to talk things out, and of course it only escalates. I can't believe Kim sits there, saying nothing. I think what everyone really needs is a #GroupHug!

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Tension on a Riverboat Pt. 2

Brandi then suggests going around in a circle and saying something positive about everyone. It's mostly nice -- but when it's Brandi's turn, she neurotically runs away from the table because she can't accept compliments! Soon after this, their boat return to dock, and I'm thinking it's an overall very positive night . . . but then Brandi jokingly tries to kiss Lisa V., who isn't quite receptive, and it turns into a playful push instead . . . and then a smack in the face! #AmsterDAMNslap!! Now you've done it, Brandi!! Game over!!

This gives Lisa V. an opportunity to pull away from Brandi again -- and gives all the 90210 ladies another reason to ostracize Brandi. Poor Brandi! She had been so happy to be on good terms with Lisa V. again, but it looks like that's over for now. She meant to be playful and was just joking around, but unfortunately she did take it too far. Obviously, slapping your friends is inappropriate! But let's not blow it completely out of proportion, ladies . . . I wonder if this will be the reason Brandi's not invited back next season! Either way, it's great TV!

*Warning: Spoiler Alert* - Episode 18

Obviously, this is only the beginning of the fallout from Brandi's #AmsterDAMNslap. Brandi is going to be under scrutiny from the other Housewives now, and I'm not sure how she's going to handle it (actually, I am but I can't spoil it for you)! Kim and Kyle will finally confront each other about the resentments they've had building for the past season. Honestly, it's like watching two kids fight sometimes . . . all I know is, I'm ready for some new drama! See you later, Amsterdam!