17/02/2017 08:41 GMT | Updated 18/02/2018 05:12 GMT

Five Incredible Beauty Dupes To Save You £££s!

Who doesn't love a good dupe?! I am a big fan of luxury beauty brands and products but sometimes, a girl has just got to save those pennies!

Estee Lauder Double Wear (£31)

Every single person I know, who has had the pleasure of owning the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, raves about how incredible it is... Claiming to last for 15 hours, Double Wear is available in 44 shades which is something I was very impressed with. However, the cost of re-purchasing this product may become a little too much over time as it is a pricey £31... Having hopped on the Double Wear train myself, I can certainly see what all of the hype is about. It is a very lovely product which is easy to blend and definitely holds up to the "15-hour staying power" claim. However, I have discovered a dupe and it is pretty awesome!

Revlon Colorstay foundation is my personal favourite, I have used it for many years now and can confidently say that it is my ultimate favourite. When testing other foundations, I always go back to this one... It is just outstanding, especially for £12.99. More than half the price of Double Wear! Colorstay comes in 21 shades which is impressive for a high-street brand. It also claims to last up to 24 hours... Wow! Now, this foundation offers two different formulations. One for Normal/Dry skin and another for Combination/Oily. I have tested both of these but was not a fan of the Normal/Dry skin one as it did not last as long as I would have expected. On the other hand, the Combination/Oily formulation is a major dupe of Estee Lauder's Double Wear! It lasts all day, I never have to touch up and it is the nicest foundation to blend!

Chanel Hydra Beauty Crème £50

One of the best face creams I have ever used is the Chanel Hydra Beauty Creme. However, its hefty price tag of £50 is much less appealing. Especially if you like to slather your face before bed, just like I do! This cream leaves the skin feeling super plump and soft and I had never come across anything quite like it, until I picked up the L'Oreal Youth Code Night Cream. Priced at only £15.99, this cream gives an almost identical result to the Chanel product and is something that you can re-purchase, over and over again without feeling so guilty!

Guerlain Meteorites £41.50

For anybody searching for the perfect dewy makeup product, Guerlain Meteorites are a must. They leave the skin looking glowingly fresh and give the appearance of healthier skin. However, the price tag of £41.50 may deter some people from picking these beauties up so keep reading for my ultimate dupe... Avon's Colour Correcting Pearls! For the same price as the Guerlain Meteorites, you can pick up 4 containers of this product! An amazing beauty must-have which is only £10 and provides the same result as the Guerlain Meteorites!

Mini Beauty Blenders £23

Since the release of the Beauty Blender, the way in which most of us apply makeup has changed. This genius creation has given us the gift of flawless foundation application and now that the team have also created mini Beauty Blenders (£23 for 4) applying concealer is also much more fun! There are many look-a-likes out there but a lot of these do not compare to the original Blender... However, since purchasing the Primark mini sponges, priced at only £2.50 for the same quantity, I have just been in awe. Not only do they look great, they perform very well at a fraction of the price!

Dior Show Lash Extension Effect Volume Mascara £25.50

Being a huge fan-girl for Dior, I like to get my hands on as many of their beauty items, as humanly possible. They offer one of my favourites ranges of beauty products and I do believe that they are all worth the price. Dior Show is a great lash plumping mascara for anybody who likes a more dramatic look, just like I do. It is on the pricier side, sitting at £25.50 so be prepared to be blown away when I tell you that my dupe only costs £2.49... It not only provides that much needed volume, it is actually way better than my beloved Dior mascara! My new holy grail product can be found at Aldi, introducing to you, the incredible Lacura Magic Curl Mascara! Shook? Me too!

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