Although my situation (not being able to move and do things for myself), I still have people around me to do it all for me. I do not have to rely on the compassion of others to survive. Not everyone is so lucky.

"The grass is greener on the other side."

It always seems that others have it better than we do. Others have a better and easier life than we do. That is just a fable we all have our problems, troubles, and hurts.

The truth is that our composure, our behavior, and our attitude are what makes the difference. The way we handle ourselves when confronted with complications, that makes the difference. It is not the grass which is better; it is the fertilizer.

A little while ago a friend asked me to write about "compassion." I must confess that I am very lucky and blessed. Although my situation (not being able to move and do things for myself), I still have people around me to do it all for me. I do not have to rely on the compassion of others to survive. Not everyone is so lucky.

The meaning of COMPASSION is: "a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering."

We have seemed to have forgotten the second part of the definition. It is not a secret that people, in general, do not want to get their hands dirty. We do not want to deal with the ugly truth or do the messy jobs.

Whenever that feeling of compassion rises inside of us, we put our defense system up, so we do not have to feel awkward. There are some who choose to turn their faces away from the bitter truth, as if that if they do not look the problem cease to exist. There are others that would give a comment as to show that they care, but then they turn their backs and walk away as fast as possible, so they do not need to get involved.

There are just this few that care enough to offer out their hands, and even fewer to open their hearts and offer to get their hands dirty and help the ones in need.

To put it in a biblical way; we all preach the words of 'Jesus,' but only a tiny amount of us walk in his steps and do as he did.

You may not believe this, but I feel very blessed. Of course, I did have some misfortunes, and some of them left their scars. Still, I am very blessed. I have a life full of love, purpose, and meaning.

There are less fortunate people in this world. There are human beings that do not have anything at all to eat. Humans that do not have clean water. Individuals who have no chance of getting a decent education. People who do not have or even know of such thing as fundamental human rights. All this on this beautiful and precious planet of ours.

There are people whose bellies growl while we complain because we must make this tough decision about buying a new house, a new car or where to go on vacation. Children with empty stomachs who cry from hunger and thirst while we flip through the dozens of TV channels complaining that there is nothing to watch.

Blessed may be those that leave the comfort of their homes to dedicate their lives to the ones less fortunate. I am jealous of them, for their reward will be a warm feeling in their chest that the rest of us will never experience.

What I would want to give to the less fortunate humans is (not to be paralyzed like I of course) the chance to experience life as I experience it. Not the material part, but the emotional and the intellect part of it. If I could, I would give them the chance to value every feeling that a human can feel. I would like to help them stretch the horizons of their minds.

As a matter of fact, that is my ultimate purpose. To reach as much of the souls out there, that is possible, souls that need some inspiration. I want them to feel a warm rush inside their chest; I want them to feel butterflies in their bellies, and I want them to feel like they can fly on the wings of love.

I am no saint; I am not perfect, and I have my faults. I cannot teach anybody how to be a better human being. I do not have an answer to the question of how to make this world a better place. The only thing I know is that if we want to do this, we must start with ourselves and do our best.

Next time you look at your neighbour's lawn and compare it with yours just remember that there are some that do not have any grass at all.