I've long told bemused friends that I'm not afraid of being haunted and that I actually think it would be quite cool if it happened. Whilst some say that they would rather die themselves than be visited by the dead I don't see what all the fuss is about.

We are humans, we get tired, and we all need to rest from time to time. Even a woman that does nothing (cannot move) at all gets tired. Occasionally I do not feel like getting out of bed; I need a lazy day in bed just watching television. Now and then I rather am motionless in bed than be motionless in the wheelchair.

A typical day for me starts at eight a.m. Assistant comes in and brushes my teeth, cleans me up, dresses me up and then she lifts me up to my wheelchair. In the chair, she fixes my clothes, brushes my hair and puts on the jewelry I have chosen. Then it is off to the kitchen to get something to eat. After a light breakfast, she brings me to my computer where I spend most of my days.

On the computer, I can totally be myself. It is the only thing that I can operate without the help of anyone. It is there where I do 100% of working and 90% of my socialising. In real life, I need assistants to do everything for me. On the computer and on the internet I am not paralyzed nor locked inside myself.

A cynical person can raise the question of; 'how can a person that just sits still in a chair all day can be tired?' Well, you can also get tired of just sitting, especially if that is the only thing you do day after day and nothing else. In addition, you can get tired from the brain.

All humans are different. Some people can live happily following the same routine day after day. However, there are also those people that are just the opposite. Some people need to have a regular change in their habits, and they need to have new challenges on a daily basis. I used to be such person. One of the hardest things for me to accept was that I was not to be able to live such life anymore. It was tough for me to adapt to the reality that my life was forever going to be more than following a routine.

One piece of wisdom that I gained from years of immobility is the phrase; 'never give up'. It is one of the best motivational phrases that exists. When you have your sights set on a goal you put yourself hundred percent into it. It is your dream, you are up for it, and every cell in your body wants only to achieve the objective. It feels like it is your destiny!

Nonetheless, the bigger the goal, the harder the road. There will be hindrances and obstacles along the path. There will be heartbreaking hardships. There will come a time when you would want just to let it go. At times like this you need to say to yourself, yell to yourself; 'NEVER GIVE UP!'

"Never give up is a great phrase to shout out loud to push yourself forward."

However, the road of life is long and 'never give up' cannot be applied every second of the day, for every situation. I remind you that we are humans, and there is more to life than to make one dream come true.

Life is like war, dreams, wishes, goals, objective, etc. - Just one battle out of thousands. Some battles will be lost. To win at life and become wise we need to lose from time to time. Experiencing only one side of the coin cannot gain a full life and wisdom. Just as winning, one also has to learn to lose.

We always have to be willing to fight. Nevertheless, we also have to learn to surrender (isn't that what love is all about?). We have to hold on as tight as we can. On the other hand, we also have to comprehend that there are times we should let go. Especially when our lives are shared with others. We have to consider and reconsider if our wants do not in any way hurt or be hinder the people that share their our lives with us.

We are humans and sometimes we just need to let go and rest because it is the best for ourselves. Sometimes we have to 'give up' and lose a battle so we can win the war.

Even though 'never give up' does not apply to real life, 'never give in' does.

We should let faith take over. Take time to rest and relax. We have to learn to lose and how to let some objective go. However, that does not mean that we are giving in. After resting or losing a battle, we are not going to let go of life itself. We are going to accept and adapt and then again give the best of ourselves as we face the next crusade. No matter what happened yesterday and however heartbreaking it was, we will always keep our heads up and keep moving forward.

Let your life be a link in the chain that connects the past to a better, brighter future and death be a coronation to a life well lived.

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