27/10/2016 11:40 BST | Updated 26/10/2017 06:12 BST

Stay Smart With The Latest Leap In Smartphone Mobile Coverage

As varied as the choice of smartphones on offer are, one thing they all have in common is the undeniable ability to frustrate their users by failing to detect a connection signal. Seemingly bamboozled by even the smallest obstructions, current smartphone technology is not as synonymous with reliability as it would like to pretend. Whilst there is a range of add-ons one can buy to bolster a flagging connection, it quite simply isn't fair that already paying customers should be forced to do so. You paid for the technology to work for you, so finding a connection should be the bare minimum it can do without error.

Thankfully due to the latest advances in SIM card engineering, the deficiencies that currently exist are set to be swept away. Rather than trouble yourself with identifying external signal boosters that rely upon your proximity, new 'Multisim' cards can simply be slotted into your phone and go with you wherever you go. With this amendment to your mobile, users can tap into not only their current network provider as the default option, but two others should the main one fail. Simple in methodology, all the Multisim does is enable you to piggyback on to the network of other providers, without having to tie yourself into a tangled web of various contracts.


Image: Used with permission.

Rather, such a form of insurance for your communications can be had on just a month long rolling contract so if you're in need during say a one-off business trip, only a minimal spend is required. Geared extensively to meeting the needs of commercial clients, Multisim operates around the theory of personal responsibility. For those truly driven to succeed in business, putting the blame on your gadgets not working is a feeble excuse with so many cutting-edge designs on the market. For many years now, virtually every single provider has offered up special contracts for individual entrepreneurs and corporate executives alike. Carphone Warehouse boasts of how buyers will on average be 27% better off with them, O2 dedicates an entire section of their site to business owners as does Virgin, and such a pattern goes on and on throughout the list of competitors.

Instead of competing with the aforementioned, Multisim is more of a partner to all of them. Fully compatible with every model produced, there is no need for your loyalties to a certain maker be tested. Whilst it's always a good idea to use one of the Internet's many signal checkers to ensure your choice of mobile is a feasible one, many buyers may neglect to do their research. Faced with the prospect of struggling through should a trade in not be possible, Multisim is here to correct their prior mistake in phone selection.

Admittedly, alternative solutions do exist. You could simply change your service provider, but if in an area notorious for a lack of signals, then the same issues may persist should you continue to rely on just one network at a time. Mobile signal boosters may prove more effective, but they tend to rely on a permanent flow of electricity, which isn't an option for the businessman/businesswoman whose perpetually in transit. Moreover, the cost of the best models of booster are often substantial, not to mention antiquated when compared to the far more compact and modern innovations.

Overall, regardless if you're an international conglomerate or just starting out running a business from your living room, the main point is that 24/7 dialogue with your customer base, suppliers, and other relevant contacts must be secured. You wouldn't hesitate to make the necessary investments to secure stock, premises etc., and the lines of communication are just another piece to the logistical puzzle.

Whilst Multisim does make for an additional expense, out of all the options on the market, it is up there as one of the most flexible. Ultimately, whilst it may not be the most glamorous purchase, it won't be beaten in terms of functionality. To ignore the importance of secure communications would be to ignore one of the key building blocks of any successful business, leaving you vulnerable to the tides of fate should the winds of chance turn to blow against you.