You have until June 23 2021 to opt out from having your personal NHS data shared.
We must stop thinking that algorithms can do things better than humans, Women in AI founder Ivana Bartoletti writes.
The glitch in England's Covid-19 data has not meant the UK total has been overestimated.
Cookies and consent – two words to know about when using health apps and websites.
Tinder will have to cooperate with Russian authorities or face being completely blocked in the country.
The move is part of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal probe.
Even if you just search for something, Google's tracking your location.
So, now that I’ve scared you, the question is what can you do to protect yourself?
MTN has announced that it will be increasing the price on its WhatsApp data bundle, citing constraints on its 3G network. Customers are not impressed at all.
'Those able to commoditise, package and resell data will have significant control over the resources and, with that, control power.'