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April Fools' Day Campaigns: The Best Of The Rest

April Fools' Day has come and gone. We saw some lol-worthy and some predictable pranks from the big players like Google's 'Com.Google' backwards search function overhaul and man of the moment, Jeremy Clarkson, joining The Guardian's climate change campaign. But it was some of the smaller brands that caught my attention this year.

Here are five of the tricks you might have missed:

1. Miz Mooz - Selfie Shoes

I mean this could be real and would, unfortunately, be snapped up by selfie addicts.

2. Beefeater Grill- #Leafeater

An unlikely make-over...

3. Rust-Oluem - Neversmell® odourless paint

With an existing NeverWet range the odour-cancelling prank was just right...

4. Jetsetters - Virtual Reality Hotel

Forget fresh air! Jetsetters fooled their fans into signing up for a 'vacation without the cost of a plane ticket'...

5. Reddi-wip - Cows don't 'woosh' they 'moo'!

Someone start a petition to make this real. Thanks.

Reddi-wip is made with REAL cream. And after all, cows don't 'whoosh' ­they 'moo'! What do you think of our big change?

Posted by Reddi-wip on Wednesday, 1 April 2015

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