01/07/2015 18:46 BST | Updated 01/07/2016 06:59 BST

Guide to Ultimate Summer Skin

Thunderstorms and freak cold snaps aside, summer is pretty much upon us in glorious Britain. With sooooooo many potions and products out there falsely promising 'Fantasmagorical Mega Radiance Glow' skin or 'Super Silky Holy Aphrodite-esq' hair, we at Icon UK thought it might be best to cut through all the jargon by assembling some of the team here to give their own top tips to help get the most out simple, and most of all inexpensive products, to help achieve the ultimate summer skin.

Whether it's recycling old ground coffee beans as a makeshift body-scrub from makeup master Michelle Phan, to using simple self tanning moisturiser from Irish Youtube sensation Melanie Murphy our girls are here to help.

Check back soon when our resident nutritionist Madeline Shaw cooks up a storming gluten free pizza. YUM!

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