31/01/2017 10:34 GMT | Updated 01/02/2018 05:12 GMT

The Hidden Power In Saying NO

The word NO, is a word that we use regularly. Often conveyed as a barrier, as a deterrent, or just negative. However, using the word NO can be the opposite of all that. Saying the word NO can be positive, it can open new doors and most importantly it can be liberating. The following list below will showcase area in our lives where you must say start to say NO in order to get the best out of life to attain true success and fulfillment.

Negative thoughts: It all starts with the mind before you get from A to B, you must have gotten there in your mind first. This why it is crucial to guard your mind against negative thoughts, because the state of your mindset will determine your output in life and also your perspective on life. How do we say no to negative thought? The simple answer is, you must understand that you have complete power over your thoughts. Our thoughts are something that we create ourselves. Thoughts are like cars driving by (they come and go) however, sometimes we get into this car and decide to go for a long ride. If I were to operate on your brain and opened it up you would not be able to find thoughts; it is not part of the composition of our mind it is something we create. Understanding that we create our thoughts, should help us to make a conscious effort to ensure that we create positive thoughts, to get a better output in life.

Negative relationships: It is simple, your network, is your net worth. Therefore, if you have a negative network, you will have a negative net worth. It is inevitable as human beings to have relationships; it is the reason for our existence. The relationships we form over the years, determine our habits, decisions, and ultimately our lifestyle. Therefore, it is important we say NO to negative relationships. How do you spot a negative relationship? Relationships are like bank deposits, in which both individuals deposit into. Nevertheless, what happens when one person isn't depositing into this bank account, but is continuously taking from this account? The account will then run dry, and you will then bear all the loss in the long term. Understandably, it's hard to move on from a negative relationship, especially when the relationship has been developed over many years. However, it is imperative to end such relationships so you can be liberated and fulfil your true purpose.

Time mismanagement: There are two things we all have in common, regardless of where we come from, or where we are going to and that is death and time. We will all die one day and we all have the same 24 hours each day. These two things are closely connected, as understanding that one day we will die, makes it even more important that we say NO to time mismanagement. YOLO - You Only Live Once, so why not invest this one life adequately. The only currency to success and to get the best out of life, is time. Time well invested in our dreams will yield positive outputs over time. We say NO to time mismanagement by planning ahead, creating to do lists and being held accountable to a mentor (or someone equivalent).

Saying no to other people's expectations: It is always a good feeling when people expect more from us. However, this could sometimes be detrimental to our well-being. Living a life to please other people will ultimately lead to an unfulfilled life, because people can never be satisfied and they sometimes expect of others what they do not expect of themselves. Therefore, it is important you set your goals, this may sometimes align with people's expectation which is fine. The most important thing is knowing that you did your best to achieve each one of your goals (only you can judge your effort) and never let the expectations of others bring you down.

To conclude, it's all about balance, knowing when to say No and Yes. The most important thing is knowing that you have the power to say NO. With this new found power in mind, I suggest we start to use this word to get the best out of life.