21/08/2013 07:32 BST | Updated 20/10/2013 06:12 BST

State Terrorism in Egypt Must Stop

The news coverage this past week showing Egyptians both in mosques and on the streets being killed is just a snapshot of the bloodbath Egypt is experiencing. Whether you like or dislike the Muslim Brotherhood the killing of so many innocent people is an abuse of military power and against international law.

Egypt is in turmoil since the democratically elected President Morsi was ousted by a military coup. Since then we have seen mosques burnt, peaceful protestors shot at, policeman killed, churches attacked and all this carnage without any due respect for human rights.

Almost 900 or so people have been killed since Wednesday which include women, children and the 36 protesters who died in a prison van in Cairo on Sunday. As the attacks continue Egypt's army chief al-Sisi continues to round up leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and is attempting to make a political move that would ban the organisation. This tactic is likely to further alienate the group and has long-term consequences in the battle to win hearts and minds. Indeed, the violence spreading across Egypt only acts as a recruitment tool for groups like Al-Qaeda.

Within this crises no one should forget that the Muslim Brotherhood were democratically elected and if the Egyptians want change then surely a better way of demonstrating that change is to go down a process of democratic elections instead of a military coup which was plotted by an Army and police who have a brutal track record in human rights abuses.

Unfortunately I do not see the situation getting any better and whilst attempts have been made in Britain by the Foreign Secretary William Hague and by other Europe leaders to distance themselves from activities in Egypt this form of State Terrorism continues.

The optimism following the Arab Spring is being replaced for pessimism and real shock at the scenes we are witnessing in Egypt. State terrorism is not new, we have seen its devastating consequences by the past leaders of Iraq, Libya and Uganda to name but a few. We are now witnessing it across Egypt as the state uses violence to kill its own people.

And all this upheaval and cloud of uncertainty over Egypt now rests with the Egyptian army who have increased the detention of Morsi. Whilst Egyptians continue to fight for democracy and freedom the new twist in the tale has been the shock announcement that the former President, Hosni Mubarak according to his lawyer is close to release. This will signify a real test for the Egyptians as they come face to face with the return of the Pharaoh.