Eight countries are removed from the list that demands a 10-day period of isolation.
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The 400-metre long Ever Given has been stranded since Tuesday.
Here's what 'Cira 3' has been getting up to in a hospital in Tanta, Egypt.
The autocrat ruled the country for three decades until he was ousted during the Arab Spring.
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A bust of a young King Tutankhamun sold for £4.7 million at a Christie’s auction on 4th July 2019, despite protests from Cairo that the relic may have been stolen. Egypt has long demanded the return of artifacts taken by archaeologists and imperial adventurers.
Reports say he fainted during a court session and died afterwards.
Radiation, natural causes, carbon monoxide poisoning and food poisoning have been ruled out.
But doubts have been cast on the veracity of the images.
The mummy, more than 3,000 years old, was well-preserved.
John and Susan Cooper died within hours of each other.
John and Susan Cooper died after staying at the hotel on August 21.
British couple found dead in Egypt hotel did not die because of gas emissions, prosecutor claims