Why We're Launching Femen in the UK

We are naked soldiers of feminism. We are Femen, our tactic is 'sextremism'. And we are bringing it to UK!

We are those, who made Berlusconi read on our bare breasts the word "Basta!" before the last elections in Italy. We are those, who made Putin hear women's voices screaming "Fuck dictatorship" during one of his official visits in Europe. We are those, who disturbed Pope Benedict's Sunday mass with the slogan "Homophobe, shut up!" in the Vatican.

We are naked soldiers of feminism. We are Femen, our tactic is 'sextremism'. And we are bringing it to UK!

Femen was founded in Ukraine in 2008 as a national feminist group. Since September 2012, we've been an international women's movement with representatives in 10 countries. Just over a year ago, we opened our European headquarters in Paris that functions as an international training centre for sextremists.

Before starting the international Femen movement, I had run away from dictatorial Ukraine after I was searched and treated as a criminal for my Femen activity. I was thinking about how the patriarchal system must be afraid of Femen because they give the orders to arrest us, to charge us, to beat us, even to kill us (as it nearly happened to me and two other sextremists in Minsk, Belarus in 2011). And why? Because we are showing our breasts! It's because we are breaking their system with our breasts! Our breasts are politicly aggressive to the men's world but not passively under its control anymore. We are pissing off male domination in the world with our sextremists' brave naked attacks in places no one could expect.

Femen is a group of aggressive resistance against oppressive institutions such as the sex industry, dictatorship and religion. They give us no peace and we should not give them any. As they are occupying the world with their oppressive traditions, rules and demands, we are following them everywhere with our resistance and fight. Femen is in Ukraine, France, Spain, Germany, Nederlands, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Mexico, Tunisia. And we are coming to Britain.

The only reason to set-up a new national Femen army in any country, such as UK, is when we're called upon by women. British women have joined our naked army, saying "we need Femen in the UK".

Prostitution, laws about immigration, Islamic extremism in UK will not escape Femen's naked massacre now. Whether it's Derby's Al-madinah school or Buckingham Palace, Femen will always find the way to be where it's needed.

Now, more British women will be trained and prepared as sextremists. The streets of London will be occupied by our naked bodies painted with our political demands and our colourful flower crowns. Feminism is coming back on the street. Suffragettes are replaced by Femen!

I warn you all that we will be extremely provocative, unusually politicly incorrect, abnormally brave, thoroughly demanding and very inspiring!


Ladies, to join write me on femenbritain@yahoo.com or femen.ks@gmail.com.

Let's start the fight!