21/04/2017 13:14 BST | Updated 21/04/2017 13:15 BST

'Into It': 'Broadchurch' Says Goodbye, Prince William And Gaga Get Real About Mental Health And Damian Lewis Says Eton Background Makes Him 'A Minority'

In the latest episode of 'Into It', the team reflects on last week's'Broadchurch' conclusion predictions (spoiler alert: no one is giving Hardy and Miller a run for the money any time soon), and compares the farewell episode to other hit shows' finales.

They also discuss Prince William and Lady Gaga's latest collaborative video to raise awareness about mental health, and the effect campaigns like this can have on young people, and pick apart Damian Lewis's latest controversial remarks about how being an Eton graduate makes him "a minority" at work.

Plus, in honour of Her Maj's 91st birthday, they're putting their knowledge of queens from the big and small screen to the test in the big quiz of the week.

All this and more in episode 14 of 'Into It', which you can listen to in full above, or click here to subscribe on iTunes.