'Into It': BBC Salaries, 'Love Island' Lessons And 'Doctor Who' Sexism

21/07/2017 16:26 BST | Updated 21/07/2017 16:26 BST

After what's been an exciting week in the world of entertainment news, the 'Into It' team is picking apart what has indubitably been the biggest story of the week, the publication of the BBC's top earners' salaries.

They're also looking ahead to the impending 'Love Island' final, and discussing what lessons we've taken away from the past seven weeks of action in the villa.

Plus, as the BBC releases an official statement in response to viewer complaints about the 'Doctor Who' casting news, the team is sticking up for newcomer Jodie Whittaker, by taking a closer look at the flaws in her detractors' arguments.

All this and more in the latest episode of 'Into It', which you can listen to above or click here to subscribe on the Apple Podcasts store.