01/01/2012 15:42 GMT | Updated 02/03/2012 05:12 GMT

What's Hot for 2012: 21st Century Girl Style Essentials

Jaana Jätyri, the founder of picks out Top 12 trend must-haves the 21st Century Girl can't live without in 2012.

  1. iClutch - I often find myself running around town, on appointments carrying my iPad in either my oversized handbag. Now, thanks to the invention of the practical yet chic iClutch, self-respecting fashionistas don't need to leave their iPads hidden in their handbags any longer! Any designer worth their Manolo's has launched an iPad case by now. The difference may be subtle, but the iClutch is so much more than that: Like your hairstyle or your handbag, the iClutch shows how the iCase can become a fashion statement as well as a status symbol, incorporating space and compartments for your keys, cards and wallet within the ubiquitous iPad shape. Our office faves are from Phillip Lim, Proenza Schouler, Azzedine Alaia and Versus.
  2. Fashion Vegetables - No, we are not talking carbs or last season's style rejects, but prints for S/S 2012. It's official, vegetables are the new fruit. A continuation of last summer's citrus fruit, the vegetable is presented in a luxury Italian kitchen style to of course, bringing out your inner domestic goddess. This look is inspired by farmer's markets and rustic cooking and wholesome kitchen garden freshness. Our favourite way to wear this look is as charms or pendants on accessories. Get your Fashion Five-A-Day.
  3. PJ Suits - Here is a trend to savour for those who are busy, busy, busy 24/7. My hectic work life, fashion weeks, and constant travelling to events makes me a beauty sleep advocate. Even models and pop stars are not afraid to admit that they want nothing more than to catch up on sleep or curl up in front of the TV on a day off. With sleep as the new luxury, the idea of chic PJ suits blurs the boundaries between home and the outside world. It combines elements of daywear to the ultimate comfort of a pajama. As well as wearing them out, they are the perfect solution when inviting stylish friends round for a cosy night in.
  4. Resident Socialite Rhinestones - Next summer, I will be rocking this 50s inspired classic look worn en mass and stacked for an over-the-top, ladylike statement with vintage inspired satin tops or dresses. Less Paris Hilton and more Grace Kelly. Our favourite inspiration is from Prada and Bottega Veneta who are combining rhinestone jewellery with swimwear to give the most devoted fashionistas the option to dress up for the beach or pool. Also, nothing should stop you from wearing rhinestones with your PJ suit either, should the fancy to dress up unexpectedly take you.
  5. Peplum Tops - My favourite alternative to the humble t-shirt or tank next year will be the peplum top. It is inspired by the 1950s ultimate feminine silhouette, defining the waist to make the body more hourglass, or creating the effect for those lacking in natural Marilyn curves. Our lady straw poll suggests that this could be a win-win for all women's body shapes.
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  7. Statement Pencil - Pencil this trend into your shopping list for 2012! Nothing hugs the hips like a classic pencil skirt and like the peplum top, it does wonders for showing of your curves and defining the silhouette. Moving on from last season, the 2012 pencil skirt is seen in bold statement patterns and unexpected materials that will lift it into something unexpected and special. For a casual yet chic look, I will be wearing mine with an oversized sweatshirt.
  8. The New Capri - I'm not naturally a retro girl, but I'm excited about the New Capri pant, it will be a super fun summer shape that combines retro with modernity in equal measure. This garment is for the 50s inspired tomboy: It's a pant version of the statement pencil, with a chance to show curves in a more subdued way. Think Audrey Hepburn and slim, tanned ankles, and get the picnic basket ready!
  9. Evening Sweatshirt - No longer just for a lazy Sunday morning in front of the TV, the sweatshirt gets seriously chic, and becomes another key piece in the 2012 wardrobe. Taking the shape of a sweatshirt, but made in either an eveningwear material, such as chiffon or satin, it works equally for the ladies who lounge (with style-conscious friends), and for nights out in town. Decorated with sequins or other eveningwear inspired trims it has the kind of sparkle its gym-worn relation can only dream of!
  10. 70s Running Chic - Keeping in line with sportswear and eveningwear chic hybrids, satin printed 70s inspired running shorts have a chic elegance akin to the Evening Sweatshirt. The cool thing about this look is it's versatility: Dress up with a sequinned evening sweat, or dress down with a skinny t and a pair of flip-flops.
  11. Gelato Broderie - This is a girly and fun look for 2012. The great news is that you can work two trends in one, as this look combines next summer's hole-punched broderie anglaise patterns and the season's must-have ice cream pastel colors.
  12. Novelty Cat-eyewear - Eyewear will follow suit with the modern 50's inspiration we've seen for the rest of the wardrobe. The trend forecaster's recommendation is the partial frame look with a brow-skimming cat-eye - or cat-brow - with flat lenses.
  13. 50s Mule - Mules are making a comeback, and 50s inspired sexy summer mules are the perfect accompaniment to a modern Thelma & Louise getaway outfit, along with a chiffon head scarf and big sunglasses. Pair them on trend with dirndl and volume skirts, summer dresses, slinky shorts, skinny jeans and the New Capri pant.

More 2012 trends are available on the free Fashion TrendTracker app, available from the app stores for the iPad and all major smartphones.