10. Waking up from a nap and having to slowly detach them from your red, oxygen-deprived eye balls.   13. Needing an entire
Snapchat’s Spectacles are one step closer to launching in the UK. Having initially only been available via their quirky-yet
It's that time to give your wardrobe that seasonal spring clean and load it up with the latest prints, fabrics and colours. This spring and summer print for many brands is the very practical camouflage print.
In the world of wearables, Google Glass has had a pretty torrid time of it over the last year. One of the first devices to hit the wearables market, its many positives simply couldn't outweigh the laundry list of problems which meant that, for $1,500, it just didn't offer enough to capture the attention of tech-savvy consumers.
The latest trends in fashion lenses, including controversial "anime eye" lenses and even cosmetic eyeball tattoos, are to be approached with caution if you value the long term health of your vision.
London College of Fashion's Fashion Space Gallery is currently displaying the exhibition Layer by Layer, the first of a two
Jaana Jätyri, the founder of Trendstop.com picks out Top 12 trend must-haves the 21st Century Girl can't live without in 2012.