16 Problems Contact Lens Wearers Have Come To Know And Hate

The struggle is REAL.

Contact lenses may free us from glasses-induced nose dents, but that’s not to say they don’t come with their own set of problems.

Whether you’re a daily wearer or you opt for monthlies, here are 16 relatable woes that you’ll undoubtedly come across.

1. Waking up with awful vision and spending 50 minutes finding the bathroom.

2. Trying to shave your legs in the shower despite not being able to see the hairs properly.

3. Having to put your finger in your eye - every. damn. day.

4. Putting lenses in the wrong eyes and thinking your eyesight’s got worse.

5. Getting an eyelash or bit of dirt lodged under them.

6. Dealing with a split lens and feeling like your eye’s about to fall out.

7. Applying makeup, getting some in your eye and undoing all of the hard work.

8. Having to wear super-suctioned goggles to swim.

9. Getting water in your eye and freaking out because you’ll probably go blind.

10. Waking up from a nap and having to slowly detach them from your red, oxygen-deprived eye balls.

11. Finding the dry, crispy shells of your dailies dotted all over the house.

12. Losing your monthly lens pot and having to open a fresh pair prematurely.

13. Needing an entire room to store your endless supply of solution.

14. Prodding your eyes constantly ‘cause you can’t figure out if you’re wearing lenses.

15. Spending the night away from home and struggling to find your way back.

16. Having no money because contacts are expensive.

But it’s all worth it... because vision.