"Peace and reconciliation" is the phrase routinely trotted out by almost all actors in Afghanistan when asked what the end
  10. Waking up from a nap and having to slowly detach them from your red, oxygen-deprived eye balls.   13. Needing an entire
Grand statements are not enough. Change is achieved through actions and they need to be prioritised and followed up. The good news is that nearly everyone in the organisation wants to see beneficial innovations. So start by removing today's barriers so that ideas can flow more easily from inception through to implementation.
A 66-year-old man was moved to tears after receiving a pair of glasses that allow him to see colours properly for the first
To live a life of purpose, we must be willing to be uncomfortable, to hear our heart racing and still take another step towards our destiny.
How appealing is a society where bullying, abuse, and violence decrease, maybe even disappear? Do you feel technology can
Never before can I remember a time when the question 'What is the world coming to?' seemed most appropriate than the last
The brief trending of #ThankYourMP on social media in mid-June highlighted how often we fail to appreciate and thank those