contact lenses

Users are being urged to check the batch number on any boxes they have at home.
They're too tiny to go in your home recycling bin.
Researchers have reported a rise in cases of Acanthamoeba keratitis, which can cause blindness.
Millions of people wear contact lenses in the UK, but how should users dispose of them?
A pensioner scheduled for cataract surgery was found to have a total of 27 contact lenses in one of her eyes. The 67-year
  10. Waking up from a nap and having to slowly detach them from your red, oxygen-deprived eye balls.   13. Needing an entire
Love at first sight is a concept that has been written, sung, acted out and discussed in just about every medium possible. For centuries, people have talked about the instant attraction they felt the moment they met "the one". But is just a fleeting glance really enough to tell you that you want to spend the rest of your life with this person, or are we looking back with rose tinted glasses?
Ask any contact lens wearer what frustrates them about preparing for Christmas parties and they'll probably tell you the same thing; lenses, lenses, lenses. Wear them for too long and your eyes can feel dry.