08/02/2016 11:33 GMT | Updated 07/02/2017 05:12 GMT

The Last Chance Saloon

In this day and age, dating is hard.Not only is it hard, it is time consuming when you're searching online for anyone who can tick just one box, never mind all the others on your list of essential attributes. Yes there are lots of different apps you can use but it all comes down to the same thing,endless conversations with lots of different guys who just don't quite measure up for whatever reason when you meet up. There's lots of different, quirky, dating events for all the lonely singletons such as sitting there with a bag on your head so that would be admirers are attracted to your scintillating personality rather than your looks. Or being in a room full of toys with arts and crafts where you can play at being a child again with the opposite sex, but maybe silent speed dating is your thing where hopefully you would be good at sign language. But the thing is, all these dating events are aimed at the younger generation and not at a group of daters that have significantly grown in number in the past few years.

Mature, senior, older daters, call them what you will but this group is the fastest growing of online daters and it brings with it a whole different ball game. Most are divorced, widowed, and while no one gets married to get divorced, quite a lot of people are finding themselves in their 50's and 60's having to start dating again. This in itself is daunting enough, but imagine if you've lost your confidence, your looks have faded, and there aren't actually many dating events aimed at this age group so what to do? But believe it or not, even in this age group nothing is what it seems. It's far easier to post a picture on your profile that is 10 years old so that when you finally meet, a date (male or female) can be 3 stone heavier, bald (assuming men only on that one) and looks nothing like their profile pic in any way.

Men post a lot of pictures of motorbikes, caravans, and daughters on their wedding day. Women post pictures of grand children, pets, and of themselves posing in underwear. They say they want to meet someone but there are terms and conditions that apply. A lot would be quite happy with a meet up once or twice a week but living separately, and on the other side of the coin quite a few people are desperately trying to find someone as they are so lonely, not to mention the married ones looking for excitement but this applies in any age group.

Older daters can feel like they are in the Last Chance Saloon, their one last attempt to find someone. Men say they are solvent and have their own teeth and hair (because this is what women want to know) and women say they are feisty, bubbly, and are fun to know. The trouble with getting older is that you still feel young so while you know you should be dating people your own age, men in particular will be messaging younger ladies thinking they've "still got it", and women might have a couple of "Mrs Robinson" encounters. And while it's nice to feel vibrant, sexy and everything acquainted with dating in your youth, the likelihood is that your next date in the real world will be waffling on about their gas bill/doctor's appointment/ latest prescription.

Personally I'm just looking for someone with their own hair and a sense of humour, tricky to have both, apparently.