20/04/2017 07:37 BST | Updated 20/04/2017 07:37 BST

The UK Is A Mess, And Only A Vote For Labour Can Save Us

With a snap General Election being called by our Prime Minister, Labour are a long way behind in the polls. But surely Labour are the countries only viable option?

Many will put Labour's struggles down to Jeremy Corbyn, and if he is to blame, then people need to know one thing This election shouldn't be about Corbyn. It should be about the party who offer the best option for the country. And let's be honest, that isn't the Tories! Theresa May has only been in the job for less than a year, and what's happened? The NHS is falling apart, Brexit is a massive mess, and Social Care isn't working for anyone. That isn't down to Jeremy Corbyn. That's down to this government.

Why should anyone trust Theresa May? She consistently said that she wouldn't call a snap general election. She said this on many occasions. And now look what's happened!

Of course, the timing of this is incredibly convenient. With up to 30 Tory MP's facing charges for Electoral Fraud, Theresa May faced losing all of these because if found guilty, there would be by-elections for all of these constituencies, and with the expenses scandal fresh in the mind of voters, the chances are that she could lose many of these by-elections with the scandal fresh in people's minds. And that would lead to the loss of Theresa May's majority.

So is this why she called the General Election? It's highly probable. But of course she knows she can capitalise on the issues within the Labour Party. With so many anti-Corbyn MP's within the PLP, she has realised that this is the perfect window of opportunity for her to destroy us. And while I'm no longer a huge Corbyn fan, it is disgusting how MP's such as John Woodcock are going out and saying 'I cannot support voting to make Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister'. This is a LABOUR MP! If you are a Labour MP, you represent the LABOUR PARTY! J.K. Rowling, the beloved author of the Harry Potter series of books, claims to want the best for Labour. Yet she continuously tweets about how Labour are doing awfully under Corbyn. This is the kind of negative media that has put us in the mess we are in. The most important thing is not who leads the party. It is about the party itself. Because the Prime Minister may wield the most power in the country, but without the Conservative party and her Cabinet, she wouldn't be able to do anything.

The same goes for Corbyn. Even if you can't see him as Prime Minister, he wouldn't be making all the decisions on his own. He would have advisors and a cabinet around him. It takes more than one person to make a government, so instead of focusing purely on his weaknesses, focus on the policies we offer, the changes we will bring! Labour are the only party capable of taking our country through a Brexit that maintains our powerful stance within Europe. We are the only party capable of saving the NHS and social care, and the only party capable of ruling a fair and equal Britain.

The Lib Dems... well they don't have a clue. They oppose democracy. And for the party claiming to be 'the real opposition to the Tories', isn't it amusing their leader Tim Farron has refused to rule out going into another coalition with the Conservatives. UKIP offer nothing to the UK, and have no real policies. Now that we have voted to leave the EU, they're done.

The Greens are offering a 'Progressive Alliance' with Labour on the other hand, and this makes a lot of sense. While they don't win many seats at all, they are a left wing party who can help us out. So I say we join them to fight the Tories. Because that's the most important thing. Defeating this cruel government should be our priority.

So here's what I say. Forget who leads the Labour Party. Forget about your hatred of Jeremy Corbyn. Just look at what the Conservative Party have done to the UK. The National Debt is massive, the NHS in complete meltdown, Social Care failing, rising levels of inequality and poverty and a colossal mess of a Brexit. We need to get rid of the Tories and get Labour back into power regardless of how weak a leader you may think Corbyn is. He has some brilliant policies so focus on them! On June 8th, get out there, and vote for the party who care about people. And that party is Labour.