09/12/2016 10:51 GMT | Updated 09/12/2017 05:12 GMT

Is Saara Aalto The Only One That Can Save This Series Of The X Factor?

It is fair to say that this series of The X Factor hasn't been an exceptional one but there is a chance that it could still provide one of its greatest winners to date.

When Simon Cowell is having to ride the back of a would-be middle class rapper in the shape of Honey G to keep the show high up news agendas, you get the idea that there wasn't much else very marketable about the singing competition this time around.

There was going to come a point though when Simon was going to have to jettison Honey G from the process though, and give those with a modicum of singing talent, the chance to shine.

The problem that created was that viewers found those left to battle it out for the top prize were slightly devoid of personality.

All bar one anyway. It has been a rollercoaster ride for Finnish singer Saara Aalto but the past few weeks, she has not only shown that she has one hell of a voice, she also has that little slice of quirkiness that the British public enjoy.

The two acts that are looking to stop her winning the series seem to be identikit X Factor acts. Matt Terry is the crooner that wants Sam Smith's crown and is just about good looking enough to be a pin up and has just enough about him to be fed through the Syco Music machine.

He was a nailed on favourite to win until Simon Cowell said that he could see Matt returning to the show next year as an established artist. It seemed at that moment that he saw a career in music opening up in front of him and took his foot off the gas.

The fact that Matt had to battle through a sing-off to get to the final, just shows how far he has fallen in a couple of weeks.

As for Five After Midnight, they seem to be just another boy band that should follow the JLS trajectory before fizzling out, leaving its individual components to disappear to host weekend shows on commercial radio.

Shining brightly over them all though is Saara. The good news for The X Factor is that she actually has some star quality and could go on to be a great ambassador for the show. It would soon be forgotten that she had to compete against the poorest final collection of acts that the ITV series has put together for many years.

Simon Cowell might try and label some of Saara's performances as cheesy but she is looking to be a pop artist! The whole genre of pop music borders on cheesy at the best of times and even Simon has to admit, Saara at her best is bordering on becoming the new Lady Gaga.

It would be ironic that in the year of Brexit that the viewers are looking to crown a Finnish singer as their best in show but it goes to show that real talent can transcend all boundaries.

Simon was claiming that keeping Honey G in the process was because she brought something unique and different to the show but he had that all along with Saara... and she could actually sing too!

With The Voice looking to start the new year with a bang, it seems unfortunate that The X Factor has become a ministry of blandness this time but a Saara win could be enough to show the new singing competition in town that the old dog still have some bite and shouldn't be put down quite yet.