22/12/2016 08:43 GMT | Updated 20/12/2017 05:12 GMT

Why Are We Getting Honey G For Life And Not Just For Christmas?

Danny Martindale via Getty Images

It may be the season of goodwill to all mankind but there are certain trivialities in life that make this rather difficult to put into practice.

There are some people in life that seem to find a guardian angel which will guide them to higher planes that would normally have been out of their reach. What can be annoying to us mere mortals that are left behind is, why them?

This must be the most troubling question that is rattling around the music industry at the moment as Honey G continues to get promoted like she's a global star.

I know for certain, that I must've missed the memo where we were told to embrace this would-be rapper with open arms and propel her to the stardom that she was obviously born to have.

When it first became clear that Honey G was going to be given a spot in the live finals of The X Factor, you had to feel that she was there as a 'novelty' and will no doubt crash and burn a couple of weeks in.

This kind of leeway could be granted by the viewers in the name of entertainment, as we all like to see a little car crash TV on a Saturday night that we can discuss at work on Monday morning. The problem is that somewhere along the line, the meaning of Honey's act seems to have been lost.

Simon Cowell began talking like he had discovered Britain's answer to Jay Z and it began to feel uncomfortable. When there are so many talented rappers in this country, why was Honey G being bestowed with the 'next big thing' title, just because she's on a TV talent show?

It should've been the case that she followed the route of Bratavio, the awful day-glo duo that only seemed a good idea in the mind of Louis Walsh.

They were eliminated the first week after viewers decided that despite all the colour and cheese they brought to the show, Bratavio were not ones to be taken seriously.

Instead though, we have Honey G force fed to us by the X Factor machine as hashtags aplenty are put out there to keep her at the front of our minds and we are constantly reminded about how lovely and hardworking she is.

There is no doubting that this is the case but so are many more acts out there, who have all been blessed with infinitely more talent than Honey.

It was then revealed that she'd already done a deal with Syco before the grand final had begun, and we were all encouraged to 'enjoy' another slice of her asking us to shout "G" when she says "Honey", during the live extravaganza.

How can this be? Surely novelty acts like this should be enjoyed/endured* (*delete as appropriate) as part of the joy of Christmas but not as an ongoing concern.

It feels like a slap in the face for all those out there that are writing, gigging and publishing their own music when someone like Honey gets it handed on a silver platter.

We went along with it for the sake of The X Factor but we didn't intend to have to invest in it after the series was over.

For the sake of our intelligence, those of you that are a part of the Honey G 'machine', please stop force feeding us her shtick and put your time and efforts into those that are more deserving of such an opportunity.