22/12/2014 01:25 GMT | Updated 23/03/2015 06:59 GMT

Why Simon Webbe's Strictly Turn Should Be an Inspiration to Dad Dancers Everywhere

The golden ticker tape rained down on Strictly Come Dancing 2014 champion Caroline Flack as she clasped the Glitterball Trophy close to her and it is without doubt she was a deserving winner. The sheer fact that she became the first finalist to score a perfect collection of tens from the judges for her selection of dances is a great reason to have voted for her.

There is just that slight problem that she had apparently spent three years being taught dance to a professional standard that has tempered the win slightly. To be fair though, it still takes confidence and talent to perform perfection on live television, so despite her background she should still be applauded for her achievement.

As her fellow celebrities mobbed her as the credits on this year's Strictly credits began to roll, it wasn't Caroline Flack that actually made me want to get up off my sofa and dance. This has to be Blue singer Simon Webbe, who's journey from two left feet to tens from every judge should not be underestimated.

It has to be said that my moves on the dance floor would fall firmly in the 'dad dance' category and with a little tuition, I am sure I could attain the levels shown by Take That recently. Jumping around is a staple part of what I can bring but watching others dance doesn't often inspire me to join them.

That has changed as Simon Webbe brought an Argentine Tango to the Strictly final that was so sharp and passionate that I felt like having a Bruno Tonioli moment when it finished by jumping up screaming 'yes, yes, yes'.

It wasn't just that it was a fantastic performance or even the fact that Craig Revel-Horwood was moved enough to lift his ten paddle along with his fellow judges. What did it for me is that a couple of months ago Simon Webbe couldn't dance for toffee.

He may have been in a boy band but it seemed that it was strictly standing at the mic and singing for the boys from Blue. It certainly didn't seem that he had spent hours in dance schools as he honed his craft. Simon started Strictly Come Dancing as a complete novice and finished it as almost the champion with a perfect finish.

What he showed though was that anyone can dance and with some dedication, dance with a certain amount of skill and flourish. He could even start a renaissance among men across the nation, with partners being whisked off their feet as a saucy salsa starts coursing through their bodies.

So this is a call for dad dancers of the world to unite and hold Simon Webbe up as an inspiration to take the time to learn a few basic steps. It can be done in the comfort of your own living room, so there is no need to stray far from the sofa. YouTube is bound to provide enough guidance to get the blood pumping through your veins and your feet moving in the right direction.

Let's dance then dads and let your hips do the talking and banish our chronic moves in to the vaults of time. There is one thing that is worth remembering though, it is not imperative that you don a sparkly sequined all-in-one as this is strictly optional.