24/11/2014 09:50 GMT | Updated 23/01/2015 05:59 GMT

X Factor: What Next Now That Stevi Ritchie Has Gone?

There must be huge sighs of relief around the dressing rooms and executive lounges of X Factor as the public have finally given them what they were hoping to achieve from double elimination weekend, the ousting of Stevi Ritchie.

Part One on Saturday didn't quite go to plan as Only The Young got the opportunity to watch the rest of the competition at home after Stevi Ritchie channelled Egyptian Gods to help him stay for one more day.

His time in the competition was finally ended though when Louis Walsh was left with saving Andrea Faustini or sending the whole shebang to deadlock. He shocked the nation by staying off the fence and choosing vocal talent over showmanship.

The question now is, where does this leave X Factor for the rest of the series?

Admittedly Stevi Ritchie was not the greatest voice to grace the live stage but he had something different up his sleeve each week and cut through the monotony of sincere performances of the other acts.

The problem is that Fleur East is the only entertainer left and, unless there is a sharp swing away from their current song choices, there is a danger of the show becoming 'Ballad Factor' and who really wants to sit through that?

With five acts left, it is reasonable to acknowledge that they are probably the best the show had to offer this year, so from the point of view of talent winning out, double elimination has served its purpose. There are now a few weeks left for them to show that they have more to offer than the theatrics of Andrea's facial expressions when he sings.

We've now reached the 'business' end of the competition but can those left keep the viewers enthralled or has the X Factor firework fizzled out before it has reached its finale?

Next week we will finally see if Stevi was actually the jewel in the X Factor crown or whether a singing competition was what we always wanted.