17/06/2012 19:11 BST | Updated 17/06/2012 19:11 BST

My Journey to the London 2012 Olympics

What a crazy first half of the year it's been for me. You might have read a little while ago on this very site about how I put myself on eBay for sponsorship and that the winning bidder turned out not to be genuine. I was obviously disappointed at first, especially with the Olympics just around the corner but in an amazing turn of events King of Shaves then got in touch and offered me sponsorship.

I can't thank them enough for this, as it is so important for me to be able to train to the best of my abilities and not have to worry about finding other ways to support my sporting career, my family and myself.

People don't sometimes appreciate the sort of dedication that goes into this for any sports man or woman. It's not a case of turning up on the day. Days, weeks and months pass by where I'm 110% committed to what I'm doing.

With the money I've been able to travel to the US and train over there. I had a good month stretch in Orlando, Florida. Before you ask, no I didn't get to check out the theme parks or the food! It also helped me to buy all the equipment I needed as well as pay for the other costs involved. I must admit that securing the sponsorship meant that I had one less thing to think about, one less stress to worry about.

I was lucky enough to be at the opening of the Olympic stadium a few weeks ago and I ran the 100 metres race and won it, so in some ways I've already had a taste of Olympic glory and seen what the athletes and competitors are going to be greeted with when they're competing.

It was an amazing way to open the stadium and there's such a great buzz about London and the games in general.

The way it connects with people is great and hopefully will inspire a whole load of youngsters into getting stuck in, doing some training, spending their time wisely. They don't necessarily have to go for Olympic glory but if it keeps people healthy and fit then it's a great thing.

The stadium itself has that wow factor and it's crazy to see the changes in the area since works began on the infrastructure. I'm a Londoner myself and think it's a brilliant thing - especially for East London. It's definitely going to bring a lot of focus to the city and people can check out all the amazing little bits of culture we have going on. I'm always blown away by London, still after being here for years. It's one of the only places in the world that showcases the world. One day you could be eating Vietnamese with a load of locals the next you could be tucking into a Turkish pastry.

It's that sort of place. I really think bringing the games here is a really historic and wise move. It's almost like London has been waiting.

For me, it's head down time. As the sun comes out and everyone else gets to enjoy those beautiful rays of sunshine, it's still all about the training for me. I really want to give it my all this year and I'm feeling in great shape to be able to deliver.

I'm going to try and make these blogs as regular as I can to keep you updated on my progress to the London 2012 Olympics.