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Team GB can teach us all a thing or two when it comes to perseverance and positivity.
Olympic gold medalists Adam Peaty, Tom Dean and James Guy are looking forward to getting back to some creature comforts.
This year's Olympics is a family affair with a record number of British siblings chasing medals.
The key Team GB players have some brilliant back stories – here's who to watch out for during this year's games.
The Team GB sprinter said she would also like to see ‘effective’ racial bias training in the police.
London mayor Sadiq Khan has raised the sprinter's case with police and commissioned an action plan to "improve transparency and accountability".
'I have lost my best friend, my total buddy. She was my rock.'
In general, I think what I'd say to anyone who feels pushed to their fitness limits, or is experiencing a fitness barrier, is to stay strong! Pain is short-lived, but the joy of beating your fears or overcoming obstacles will remain with you for long time. That's what I've learnt to do and I'm a much better athlete for it.