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The Team GB sprinter said she would also like to see ‘effective’ racial bias training in the police.
London mayor Sadiq Khan has raised the sprinter's case with police and commissioned an action plan to "improve transparency and accountability".
'I have lost my best friend, my total buddy. She was my rock.'
In general, I think what I'd say to anyone who feels pushed to their fitness limits, or is experiencing a fitness barrier, is to stay strong! Pain is short-lived, but the joy of beating your fears or overcoming obstacles will remain with you for long time. That's what I've learnt to do and I'm a much better athlete for it.
'We got the medals and we just thought, you know, we’d give it a go.'
A pair of young men managed to blag their way into joining the Olympic and Paralympic heroes parade in Manchester using Team
I'm Jessica-Jane Applegate, I'm 20 years old and I'm an elite swimmer. I've competed in competitions all over the world, I've set over 75 new British Swimming records and I've won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in London 2012 and Rio 2016 and in 2013 was given an MBE. I also have a learning disability.
Equality in sports ought to be a given, so the fact that professional women participants still generally earn less than their male equivalents is a scandal... The Gender Balance in Global Sport report just published has found what it calls a 'vast' wage gap still existing, two years after first highlighting the problem.
But why are we making such a big effort to succeed in an international sporting arena that appears to be rife with cheats, corruption, dirty politics and whatever you call Ryan Lochte? Has the balance of public sport funding swung to far towards the bling and away from the council footie pitch?