27/09/2015 18:34 BST | Updated 27/09/2016 06:12 BST

Talking Frankly to Chloe Madeley About Women and Fitness

In today's video Chloe and James talk about that male dominated preserve, the weights room in a gym and how most women are made to feel intimidated when entering, which aside from being completely unacceptable is also very sad. As it is hard enough to persuade women about the merits and benefits of lifting weights in the first place.

As usual there is no messing around with Chloe, as she gives some pointers to the girls on how to deal with this injustice, as well as a few choice ideas to the men on how to behave in the gym and especially the weights room!

This is just one in a series of videos James has filmed with Chloe. Some of them serious and factual, others down-right amusing.

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