10/12/2012 07:42 GMT | Updated 06/02/2013 05:12 GMT

All Change for the Republic: A Case for the Reformation of the Republican Party

The Republican Party is still relying on the youth of yesterday, which was captured by Ronald Reagan. These voters have grown older and matured into the backbone of the Republican vote. Barack Obama has managed to capture the youth of today who will become core Democrat voters.

Activists must take a good hard look at what Republicanism stands for. The Republican Party have ignored their founding roots by allowing the super rich to assume the role of royalty within America. They must reassure the electorate that they're the party of less regulation, freedom of choice and lower taxes. These values have been manipulatively ambushed by those on the far right within the party.

The Democrats eagerness to regulate small business can be harmful to the viability of small business in America. A good example would be Obama care which is a noble cause but has resulted in small businesses becoming averse to hiring more staff because of the prospective cost implications for the business owners. Businesses haven't been properly informed of the proposals and the fear mongering presented by members of the right has had a unconstructive impact on businesses' growth. The policy itself hasn't been put in practice but the idea of it has frightened businesses across America. It is important that there is an assessment into the impact of compulsory insurance on small businesses.

The Republican Party must create more categories to define businesses; small, medium and large don't go far enough to defining the diverse American business community. It would enable the Government to be able to cater for the business in a much better way than ever before. The Republicans failed to capitalise on this demographic during the last election. The Party must consider relevant tax cuts to boost employment and growth within smaller businesses, the engine of the economy.

Freedom of choice is always going to be a contentious issue within the party. It was depressing to see Todd Akin remain a Republican candidate despite his disgraceful comments on abortion. Society is changing and the Republican Party must adapt accordingly, or be left behind. A party that supports freedom and liberty cannot condone the oppression of woman and members of the gay community.

The rhetoric about proposing progressive taxation has become toxic because of Regan's trickledown economics. It is complete and utter nonsense that progressive taxation should symbolize a socialist mandate. The electorate aren't buying the idea that tax cuts for the super rich will resolve the economic crisis and create jobs. The party must look at bringing more low earners out of tax, by allowing a higher level of personal allowance before individuals are taxed. The tax system must see a more progressive model adopted. This is not a left wing ideal and can serve to protect those workers most heavily penalised within society.

The Republican Party face an era of reformation and reassessment. They should come out of this as the party of progressive taxation where more people who work are paying less, fewer regulatory measures on small businesses and support the freedom and liberation of individuals.