04/12/2012 05:41 GMT | Updated 30/01/2013 05:12 GMT

Chelsea Fans Want Their 'Chelsea Back', Is It Time For Jose to Come Home?

Rafa Benitez will not be in charge of Chelsea Football Club after the summer. Even if results were to go his way for the next six months, it is impossible to see him as a long-term solution to Chelsea's woes. He didn't crash the Titanic; nevertheless, he has been left to guide it through the iceberg, trying to reassure his sunken passengers that they're not drowning.

It certainly isn't his fault. The only thing that the chap did wrong was answer a phone call from a Russian billionaire and agree to his requests. I'm sure Platon Lebedev and others can explain what happens if you deny a Russian oligarch their request. Rafa is an interim idealist, ultimately squashed by the limitations placed upon him from the powers above.

There is a simple answer. Real Madrid Football Club is agonisingly close to a disastrous season in the league, as the competitiveness of the Spanish league has all but ruled them out of achieving the top spot. Mourinho is a winner but the media have never taken to him in Spain and he craves for a return to the UK. He is a natural candidate for the position and similarly to Chelsea Football Club he is on the ropes. There will be those who object but after eighteen months of hardship and internal strife they need a lift.

The institution of Chelsea Football Club is becoming more and more difficult to forgive, but like all things it will come to pass and they won't be dismissed forever. Mourinho's arrival would speed up the healing process on and off the pitch, specifically the misguided internal boos and grunts heard from their home stands.

The club needs to be rehabilitated and it might be time to turn to pathos and sentimentality by reappointing a legend. He would install some dignity and, most of all, good performances back on the pitch. Mourinho isn't the type of person to resign from a challenge, but he must be yearning for those glory days in Chelsea's dugout. He could return home on his own terms and with a purposeful mandate.