19/06/2013 08:38 BST | Updated 17/08/2013 06:12 BST

The End of Dexter, Eight Wishes for Season Eight

Dexter Morgan has been cleaning up the excess evil in Miami for over eight years but it looks like his box of blood slides is full to the brim. It has been confirmed that season eight is the final season for the eponymous show fronted by Michael C Hall.

Warning: spoilers lay ahead for anyone who hasn't caught up to season seven

Many have claimed that the show has lost its sharp edge with repetitive storylines and a lack of real danger in later seasons. Season seven rejuvenated the show with the revelation that Dexter's sister Deb discovered her brother's deepest, darkest secret. The new breath of fresh air, alongside Deb's dramatic decision in the tanker at the end of season seven sets up the playing field for the final 12 episodes. Here are the eight top things we want to see from season eight.

Deb's struggle

At the end of season seven, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) decided to kill her boss rather than her serial killer brother. For the entirety of the series, Deb has been the voice of reason and honours the law closely. Arguably the most interesting storyline throughout the final run will be Deb's struggle to keep quiet about what she has done, especially when she will be investigating the case at ground zero.

Brother and Sister partnership

Even though Deb will struggle with her conscious, it would be interesting to see the two partner up in the kill room. Originally she spent season seven removing herself from Dexter's after dark antics, surely the next step is she becomes the new addition to the cling film filled room. You can already hear Dexter shouting "Scalpel!"

Masuka gets married

Masuka has been on board since episode one, season one back in the days of the Ice Truck Killer and Doakes himself. For the past eight years, Masuka's character has been based around his perversion over every woman who walks through a crime scene. It would be nice for him to receive a love interest to finally develop his character.

Harrison gains a new family

Harrison hasn't had the ideal childhood after being "born in blood" much like his father when his mother was murdered before he was even one year old. Since then, he has been thrown about daily as Dexter struggles to balance his fake and serial killer personalities and lifestyles. If Harrison deserves anything at the end of the series, it is to move in with Astor and Cody's grandparents or a new family altogether.

Hannah McKay exacts her revenge

Season seven didn't resolve the storyline of McKay as she escaped from prison as we followed the events in the container more closely. A disturbed young woman with knowledge of Dexter's exploits could be the downfall of our anti-hero. If not, it could spell a great new dynamic of Dexter being hunted, instead of the hunter role he knows so well.

Quinn goes straight

Joey Quinn has been the muscle on the force since the departure of the beloved Doakes in season two. Since then, Quinn has never been able to get it right. Throughout the series he has experienced a failed proposal to Deb, has stolen evidence from the force and even taken payments from the Russian Mafia. If Quinn doesn't manage to straighten himself out in the next 12 episodes, he is unlikely to survive the series.

Lots of murder

Dexter has always been about one thing, death. Fan favourite seasons are one, the Ice Truck Killer storyline and season four, the Trinity Killer. The most violent and bloodthirsty seasons have been the most successful which both brought twists galore. Dexter needs to either go out with a season long bang or a very big pool of blood.

An actual ending

Most are unsure how Dexter should end. Should he die? Should he get caught? Should he kill someone close to him? Could someone close to him kill Dexter? Whatever the final resolution is come September, we hope it isn't Dexter drives off into the sunset. If Dex gets away with his lifetime of 67+ kills, the writers will need to pull out a sharp edge twist in order to satisfy its bloodthirsty fans.

Dexter returns in the US, 30 June on Showtime. UK fans can catch the premiere on July 7th, on FOX.