Three foxes were shot in "absolutely shocking" and "disturbing" attacks last week, London's Metropolitan Police said.
The Simpsons is celebrating its 30th anniversary. After debuting in December 1989, the show has become the longest-running American sitcom and scripted TV series with more than 650 episodes and airing in more than 70 countries around the world.However, for the last two decades, the show has seen decline in critical acclaim – so why is it still on the air? Here are five reasons.
When student Gemma Holdway found little Vixey abandoned on her family’s farm, she brought the two-day-old fox cub into their home. Vixey became so attached to Gemma that she ended up becoming a beloved family pet, and is even best friends with Gemma’s labrador.
Comcast's win brings to an end a complex battle for the pay-TV giant.
'I have never, and would never approve my music to be used in this way.'
The majority of people living in rural areas also back the fox hunting ban.
Sky claims few were watching but Labour heaps criticism on the move as Fox takeover bid looms