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The IT Crowd: Top Seven Moments

Come October The IT Crowd will come to a close. Graham Linehan, writer of Father Ted and Black Books, is bringing his third successful sitcom to an end with a feature length special. The IT Crowd follows the exploits of the IT department of a London based office and ran for four highly successful series between 2006 and 2010. Channel 4 plan broadcast the feature length series finale special as part of what they are calling A Night of the IT Crowd.

Back in 2006 when we first met Moss, Roy and Jen who would have predicted where the cast would be in 2013. Chris O'Dowd has gone from lazy socially awkward Roy to the alternative Hollywood heartthrob. Richard Ayoade has followed suit in the jump to Hollywood production but instead choosing to sit behind the camera for Submarine and the new Jesse Eisenberg film The Double. Katherine Parkinson hasn't made such a dramatic career change but has secured roles in The Boat That Rocked, numerous ITV dramas and Sherlock.

Looking back over the first four series we've found the best six moments of The IT Crowd.

Street Countdown Series 4, Episode 2.

During the last full series, Moss appeared on Channel 4's longest running TV show Countdown smashing all previously set records. Moss is invited to join the "8+ Club" for the best of the best Countdown contestants. This is when Moss enters the dangerous world of Street Countdown. "It's like Countdown, but on the street."

New Emergency Number Series 1, Episode 2.

Linehan set the entire tone for the series within this one scene. Changes are afoot at the emergency services; faster response times, better looking drivers and a brand new number are being introduced. Introducing a much easier to remember phone number.

A sea parks! Series 4, Episode 3.

Her parents died in a was a fire, at sea parks. In this episode Roy managed to finally get himself a proper real life girlfriend, everything was going great told through lovely flowery montages. It took a darker turn when his new lover decides to explain a little of her sad family history.

I'm disabled! Series 2, Episode 1.

What better way to kick off the second series than with a work outing? We've all been desperate enough to use the disabled toilet but Roy has an interesting take on not getting in trouble for hogging the lavatory.

Did you see that ludicrous display last night? Series 3, Episode 2.

"Are we not men?" Moss and Roy discover an app which allows them to communicate with other male humans in the form of football banter. The boys then manage to break their way into a new friend group but find themselves stuck as they've exhausted their very limited knowledge of football.

Bad boys Series 4, Episode 5.

As Moss and Roy go on an adventure involving a bomb and Grand Designs, Jen is left to handle the IT department all by herself. She has to resort to phoning an outside technical line and receives an even less helpful response than Roy's unique response.

Have you tried turning it on and off again? Series 1, Episode 1.

If The IT Crowd will be remembered for one joke, would it be such a bad thing?

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